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Write a Letter to the Editor on Disaster Management

Disaster management is one of the most important issues that are discussed frequently all over the world. This extreme importance makes it a potential topic for your next English comprehension test. It might be report writing, advertisement writing, or maybe an editorial letter! So, in this article, you will learn how to write an editorial… Read More »

Write Letter to the Editor about Poor Public Bus Service

Essential public transport services like buses, trains, trams, etc are very much important for people’s daily life. Any disruption in these services leads to giving birth to grave public concern. This enormous gravity of this issue makes it an important potential topic for different kinds of English comprehension tests like report writing, editorial letter writing… Read More »

Write a Letter to the Editor about Misuse of Internet

We are living in a digital era. Currently, the expansion of internet usage is nothing but a global phenomenon. With the expansion of internet users, the misuse of the internet is also increasing. That makes it a relevant topic for editorial letter writing. But the misuse of the internet has many different aspects and perspectives.… Read More »

Write a Letter to the Editor About Corruption

Corruption is an issue that our society has always faced problems with. This particular phenomenon has made it an ideal subject for editorial letter writing. We know, editorial letters are generally written on such burning issues, either be recent or be relevant. So today, my presentation will help you to learn how to form an… Read More »