Write a Letter to the Editor on Role of Science and Technology


In this era of modern technological advancement, the role of Science and Technology in our society is quite enormous. This vital role of Science and Technology makes it a suitable topic for many kinds of English comprehension tests such as editorial letter writing.

Keeping this trend in mind, the following is my presentation on an editorial letter writing about the role of Science and Technology. you might find it relevant for your next English comprehension test.

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Example 1

Question: You’re a school student. Write a letter to the editor explaining the role of science and technology in your educational learning and about the overall importance of technology in the education sector.

Hints: Surrounded by technology-  Advanced technologies help to solve problems- Less dependency on books and libraries- Advantage of technology in school- Projectors and E-libraries

Suresh Mukherjee Road, Nabinpally
Kolkata: 700114


September 2, 2020

The Editor
The Statesman
3/1 Nalinipukur Road
Kolkata: 700002

Subject: Science & Technology: A revolution in education


Education is a fundamental component of our life. Without education, our life basically goes into the vein. Now advanced science and technology are playing a key role in this education sector and making it easier to understand and more accessible. I am writing this letter to your esteemed daily, to evaluate this key role of science and technology in the education sector as well as in my life. 

Nowadays, technology is an indivisible part of our everyday life. All of us are surrounded by technology and so is the education sector. With modern science, many advanced technologies are getting developed. Technologies like artificial intelligence, audiovisual presentation help us to better understand any complicated topic. Besides, the internet has completely revolutionised education. We no longer depend on specific books or libraries for any information. Moreover, technologies help us to solve many complicated tasks in a moment. 

In our school, we take all the advantages of technology. We have projection monitors and screens in every classroom. Besides, we have exclusive access to an E-library in our school. So, for these enormous advantages, I suppose that science and technology are going to be the next alternative mode of education.

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Yours Sincerely,
Rajesh Dutta

Example 2

Question: Write a letter to the editor of a daily newspaper about the role of science and technology in the transformation of the health sector. Present your letter with relevant critical evolution as well.

Hints: Heath as a basic necessity- Increasing population but limited doctors- Technologies are helping- Emergence of telemedicine- No alternative of the traditional method- Weaken social bonding

2/61 Bablapur
North 24 Parganas

June 23, 2021

The Editor
The Telegraph
Kolkata: 700001

Subject: Impact of technological advancement in the health sector


Nowadays, with the help of science and technology, the health sector has been completely revolutionised. This letter to your esteemed daily is intended to evaluate this enormous advancement in the health and related sectors with the help of science and technology.

Health is a basic necessity for every human being. With the increasing global population, the requirement for advanced healthcare infrastructure is also increasing with time. But despite the requirements, the number of doctors and healthcare professionals are quite limited. Here the artificial intelligence technology and robotics come to service. With the help of these technologies and high-speed internet, many complicated operations can be performed even remotely. Besides, the advancement in communication technology, the telemedicine treatment method has also been developed. Moreover, continuous scientific research is helping to develop modern medicines and better healthcare infrastructure to defeat complicated fatal diseases. 

But despite these enormous developments, we need to remember that there is no alternative to the traditional one-to-one interactive treatment method. Technology might help to save many lives but creating emotional distance and weakening the bonding between a doctor and a patient. In this era of the rat race, that social bonding is also needed to be taken care of.

Yours Sincerely,
Rumi Bannerjee

Example 3

Question: From the beginning of the 21st century, science and technology have completely transformed the transport and communication sector. Write a letter to the editor of a national daily newspaper evaluating this transformation with relevant constructive criticism. 

Hints: Transformation in the last two decades- Changes in the communication sector- Changes in the transport sector- User & Eco friendly- Creating social distance- Should be more cautious

72A Bottola Road, Uttarpara

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February 18, 2021

The Editor
The Times of India 
8, Camac Street
Kolkata: 700017

Subject: Technology and the transformation of communication


In the last two decades, technological advancement has completely transformed the transport and communication sector around the entire world. Today, I am writing this letter to your esteemed daily, in order to evaluate this transformation and its sustainability. 

Only two to three decades back, we in India hardly had telephones in our houses. Telephones were till then considered as a symbol of luxury. But the last two decades have changed every single thing regarding communication. Now we hardly write personal letters, rather we send texts on social media. We do not do speed posts, rather we call the person. Even in official matters, we prefer emails over letters. Moreover, in the transport sector, advanced car engines have been developed to mitigate environmental pollution. The average speed of all kinds of transport mediums has been highly increased. Nowadays, several companies are trying to launch self-driven cars. 

These advancements in technologies have truly made our life easier and are more environmentally sustainable. But, these technologies are also the primary reason behind various social issues. People are being mentally alone and getting depressed with their excessive reliance on technologies. So, we need to be more cautious about using technologies and should never let them dominate our lives.

Yours Sincerely,
Aditya Bansal

Example 4

Question: Write a letter to the editor explaining how science and technology have completely changed the entire picture of our world. 

Hints: Advancement since World War II- Developed every sector- Warfare and space technology revolutionised- Day-to-day life changed- Newly formed dependencies- Transformed the entire world.

21, Kathgola Road, Ghola
Kolkata: 700110

December 11, 2020

The Editor
The Indian Express
164/A, BK Paul Ave
Kolkata: 700005

Subject: Our World: Now & Then


Since the last world war has ended, our planet is witnessing incredible advancements in science and technology. These advancements are so enormous in their impact that they have completely transformed the scenario of our entire world since then. This letter to your esteemed daily is intended to draw a comparative picture of our dear earth: Now and Then.

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Since World War II ended, every field in the world is started receiving benefits from advance scientific researches and technological development. Within a few decades, technology has changed many crucial sectors like health, communication, transport, education & research etc. But the fields that have witnessed some marvellous and unbelievable advancements are Warfare and Space. Now, warfare is not limited withing guns or destructive bombings, rather concepts of biological, space and cyber warfare have also been developed. Humans are now dreaming to travel to interstellar space rather than being caged only within the boundary of the earth. We are now dreaming of colonizing other planets for the future. We no longer write letters, hardly go for social gatherings rather opt for virtual meetings. Now human beings depend more on E-books, AI and Virtual reality rather than libraries and calculators and pictures respectively.

We can’t tell now whether these enormous advancements are sustainable or not. But we must admit that the world has been revolutionised and science and tech have played a key role in it.

Yours Sincerely,
Barun Goswami

That was all about our presentation on the role of science and technology. In this session above, I tried to write four editorial letters on the topic from four different aspects.

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