Write a Letter to the Editor for Unfair Means in the Examination


Unfair means in the examinations are one of the most concerning and discussed matters in the academic sectors of the world. This extreme importance makes it a potential topic for various English comprehension tests. Editorial letters are one of the most common among those tests.

So, in the following session, you will be learning to write a few such letters to the editor on unfair means in the examinations. 

So without further delay, let’s get started.

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Example 1

Question: Suppose recently an internal exam in your class has been suspended because many students have followed unfair means in the examination. Write a letter to the editor of a popular newspaper expressing concern regarding the significance of the situation.

Hints: Internal exam started- Some students used unfair means- Invigilators books many a day- Situation got out of control- Exam cancelled and suspended- Harassment for general students


Suresh Mukherjee Road, Nabinpally
Kolkata: 700114

September 2, 2020

The Editor
The Statesman
3/1 Nalinipukur Road
Kolkata: 700002

Subject: Exam suspended due to following unfair means


Recently, our school authority has suspended an ongoing internal exam because of following unfair means by many students. In this letter to your esteemed daily, I want to express my concern regarding the situation of general students due to this issue. 

I am a student of class 10 from Nabinpally Sukumari High School, who appeared in an internal test exam for our upcoming board examination. From the very initial day of our examination, some students were using unfair means for almost every paper. Some of them were using cheat sheets, some were using secret electronic gadgets. Almost every day, invigilators started booking more than five students for using unfair means, and with time it was being really hard to deal with the issue. Eventually yesterday, our school has announced a complete suspension of the internal test exam and notified us that it will be commenced in near future after ensuring proper surveillance infrastructure to deal with this issue of using unfair means. 

This decision is quite shocking for the general students like me who are trying their best to prepare and score in the first major exam of our life. This harsh decision has severely affected our enthusiasm, efforts and our motivation. 

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Yours Sincerely,
Rajesh Dutta

Example 2

Question: Suppose you are a teacher of a high school in a village. You face a tremendous issue of following unfair means in the examination conducted in the classes. Write a letter to the editor of a daily newspaper explaining the whole issue along with some measures to resolve it.

Hints: Students use unfair means in exams- No teacher have the courage to control the situation- Students and guardians attack teachers- Worsening the quality of education- Government need to step in and ensure safety and security

2/61 Bablapur
North 24 Parganas

June 23, 2021

The Editor
The Telegraph
Kolkata: 700001

Subject: Usage of unfair means in examinations in a village school


I am a regular follower of your esteemed daily writing this letter today to bring some light concern on an important issue of using unfair means in examinations in a village school, I recently had as my professional experience. 

I am a part-time teacher at a school in a distant village. Right after my joining, I am noticing a tendency in the school that students of almost every class uses unfair means in the examinations to get themselves passed. To my surprise, not even a single teacher is ready to prevent and control such an unfair activity in the school. Thereafter, I got to know that both the guardians and students attack the teacher or staff who try to prevent their children from using unfair means in exams. Incidents like this have a significant history in this village. 

This tendency is eventually worsening the quality of education throughout the entire village. In this context, the administration needs to step in to protect to teachers and staff of the school. Only then, we shall have the courage to ensure proper examination procedures. Through this letter in the column of your esteemed daily, I earnestly appeal to the government to look into this matter with no further delay. 

Yours Sincerely,
Rumi Bannerjee

Example 3

Question: In the last few years, the tendency of using unfair means in various important examinations has been increased throughout the state. Write a letter to the editor of a national daily newspaper expressing your concern regarding this issue.

Hints: Trend of using unfair means in exams- A major problem for eduction sector- States have laws- Last few years witnessed rise- Degrading the quality of education- Need to be controlled immediately

72A Bottola Road, Uttarpara

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February 18, 2021

The Editor
The Times of India 
8, Camac Street
Kolkata: 700017

Subject: Unfair means in examinations and downfall of the educational machinery


The last few years have witnessed a sudden increase in using unfair means in examinations in our state. This letter to your esteemed daily is intended to evaluate this situation.

Education and qualification are among the most important pillars of our society. That’s why any kind of compromise with the education machinery is synonyms to compromising with society. In the recent few years, a trend of using unfair means in various examinations have been noticed throughout our state. Unfair means in education has always been a major problem for the education machinery of the entire country. But at the state level, many states have become successfully able to control this unfair tendency by taking strict actions. Our state has such provisions as well. But still, in the last few years, the number of reports of using high-scale unfair means in various important examinations have been very frequent. Advanced nanotechnological gadgets are contributing more to this unfair practice.

This trend will eventually degrade the quality of mass qualification if the government doesn’t take immediate steps to control it. We have all the necessary laws regarding this matter. The need of the hour is a proper enforcement mechanism to revive the educational machinery in the state.

Yours Sincerely,
Aditya Bansal

Example 4

Question: Recently the state government has announced a state education policy to improvise the entire state education system. In this context, write a letter to the editor of a reputed national newspaper evaluating this policy’s efficiency to tackle the usages of unfair means in examinations.

Hints: Practice of unfair means in exams increased- Government launched new education policy- Introduced more strict provisions- Enable police to take action more actively- Need of the hour- Must ensure non-arbitrary enforcement with transparency

21, Kathgola Road, Ghola
Kolkata: 700110

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December 11, 2020

The Editor
The Indian Express
164/A, BK Paul Ave
Kolkata: 700005

Subject: New education policy in tackling unfair means in examinations


The government has recently launched their new education policy in order to improvise many aspects of the state education sector. Through this letter to your esteemed daily, I want to express my evaluation of this policy’s efficiency to control the practice of unfair means in various examinations.

In the last few years, our state has witnessed an increase in the practice of unfair means in various examinations. Finally yesterday, the honourable education minister has announced the new education policy under which more strict provisions have been included to prevent the practice of such unfair means. Besides, this policy has given the power to the police authority to take action more actively without any interruption. Moreover, all kinds of preventive steps have been included with this policy.

In my opinion, this policy during such a time should be welcomed by everybody, The government has done whatever they can to prevent unfair practices in exams. Now what they must ensure is the enforcement of this policy non-arbitrarily and the transparency in the process. Time will be speaking the rest.

Yours Sincerely,
Barun Goswami

That was all about our presentation on writing editorial letters about unfair means in examinations. In the samples above, I have tried to present the session in four different aspects with different perspectives.

Hopefully, all your confusion regarding this topic has been cleared till after going through the session. If this season has helped you to fulfil your requirements, let us know your valuable opinion through the comment section below. Moreover, if you want to suggest any topic you want to be covered, let that know us too by putting a quick comment. 

Thank you for being with us. See you again, soon.