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Write a Letter to the Deputy Commissioner About the Nuisance of Loudspeakers in Your Area

Official letters are one the most important English writing comprehensions for exams. Almost all the institutions use official letters to test their students’ overall writing skills. Though letter writing has become quite obsolete with the emergence of advanced technologies, official letters still get proven relevant in our real life. These types of letters are generally… Read More »

Write a Letter to the Municipal Commissioner Complaining about Increasing Health Problems in Your Area

Health is the utmost priority of human beings. A healthy and hygienic environment is the primary prerequisite for a healthy civil life. Maintaining a healthy and hygienic environment is the sole responsibility of the local self-governing bodies like panchayats and municipalities. Many times, it has been noticed that due to the lack of maintenance poor… Read More »

Write a Letter to the Municipal Commissioner Regarding the Street Lights in Your Area

Street light is a major concern for public life no matter which corner of the world it is. The local self-governing institutions like Municipalities, Corporations, etc. are responsible for the installation and management of street lights. The utmost priority to street lights has made it a potential topic for English comprehension tests. Many educational institutions… Read More »

Write a Letter to Municipal Commissioner for Public Library

Libraries contribute a lot to the spread of knowledge and add value to social well-being. Public libraries are those places where everyone can go and read books from their collection. These kinds of libraries are often built by local administrative bodies like municipalities and panchayats. Keeping the utter significance of libraries in mind, many educational… Read More »

Write a Letter to the Municipal Commissioner about the Insanitary Condition in your Locality

Public sanitation is always an important part of every city’s daily life. Local administrative bodies like Panchayats and Municipalities are responsible for the effective management of public sanitation. Responding to people’s queries, addressing public issues are a part of the job of these local administrative bodies. The utmost importance of this issue makes this a… Read More »

Write a Letter to the Municipal Officer for Regular Water Supply

In this era of all-around digitalization, letter writing has almost gone extinct. But for official purposes, formal letters are still written. Due to this tendency, official letters are still very relevant for English comprehension test purposes. Keeping this relevance in mind, here comes our today’s session on writing official letters to the municipal officer for… Read More »