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Report Writing on Road Safety Week [2023 Updated]

Road safety is one of the major concerns of the 21st century. In order to address this concern, road safety week is celebrated all around the country. Probably that’s why in recent times, newspaper report writing on road safety week is in trend in various exams. So, in the following session, we are going to… Read More »

Report Writing Format | How to Write a Report | Example [PDF]

In the last few weeks, I have come to know through several comments that many students are still having some serious confusion regarding report writing. That’s why despite going through the sessions, they’re still unable to frame perfect reports. But both from a real-time and examination point of view, report writing has significant importance.  Talking… Read More »

Write a Newspaper Report on Train Robbery [2023 Updated]

Train robbery is one of the most important topics relevant for report writing. That’s why many instances of report writing on train robbery have been witnessed in various examinations all around the country. Observing this trend, we have decided to come up with a session in which we will discuss train robberies and see a… Read More »

Write a Newspaper Report on Football Match [2023]

In this article, I will show you a couple of example reports on Football Match. So let’s dive into the article. Example 1 A COLLEGE LEVEL FOOTBALL MATCH Reported by Suji Swain Kolkata; 12 August 2022: An exciting football match between the students of The Bhawanipur Society Education college and St. Thomas Scottish Church college… Read More »

Report Writing on Drug Addiction [4 Examples With PDF]

In this article, I’ll show you how to write a newspaper report on Drug Addiction. So without further ado, let’s get started. Example 1 Drug Addiction in youth           By: Scarlett Ash November 22, 2020; New Delhi: Drug Addiction is increasing in a geometric pattern on a daily basis. More and more are falling prey to… Read More »

Report Writing on Literacy Campaign or Programme [With PDF]

Literacy campaigns are always a burning issue hence relevant for report writing. That’s why we have decided to write few such reports on this topic in the following session. At the very beginning, I want to clarify that these kinds of reports can be classified into two categories: Magazine Reports Newspaper Reports So our today’s… Read More »

Report Writing on Bihu Festival [With PDF]

Bihu is one of the most important festivals in Assam. In this article, I am going to show you how to write a report on the Bihu festival if it is asked in your school or any other exams. So, without further introduction let’s dive into the topic. Example 1 BEAUTIFUL CELEBRATION OF BIHU FESTIVAL… Read More »