Write a Letter to the Editor about the Problem of Stray Animals in your Locality


Stray animals are quite common in the streets of Indian subcontinental countries. They are truly a part of society but at the same time sometimes people have to face various problems due to these stray animals.

As this is a day to day issue for our society, it makes the problem a potential topic for English comprehension tests like report writing, editorial letter writing, etc. So, in today’s session, you are going to learn exactly how you can write such editorial letters through the following examples.

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Example 1

Question: Suppose recently the number of stray dogs has been significantly increased in your locality. Write a letter to the editor of a daily newspaper about the problems you are facing due to the excessive increase in the number of stray dogs.

Hints: Stray dogs have increased- Food requirements increased- defecate in the streets- Dirty lanes- Attack people- Difficult to handle- Afraid of diseases- Authority should take action

Suresh Mukherjee Road, Nabinpally
Kolkata: 700114


September 2, 2020

The Editor
The Statesman
3/1 Nalinipukur Road
Kolkata: 700002

Subject: Stray dogs creating problems


I am a regular follower of your esteemed daily, writing this letter today in order explain our problems due to the excessive increase in the number of stray dogs in our area. 

Hopefully, from my address, you got to know that  I live in a suburban downtown locality near Kolkata. We generally have a significant number of stray dogs in our area. I care for them too. We regularly feed them, try to keep them healthy and clean. But in the last 5-6 months, the number of these stray dogs have been excessively increased in our locality. During the last breeding season, at least 15 new dogs have been born and now they are quite grown up. Naturally, their requirements for food have been increased with the number as well. Besides, they defecate in the streets here and there and keep the streets utterly dirty. Moreover, they frequently attack people who come from outside our area. Taking care of such a large number of stray dogs has become a serious problem for us. We are now being afraid of the outbreak of animal-borne disease. 

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So, through this letter in your esteemed daily, I want to further request the government as well as the municipality to take action to resolve this problem we are facing currently.

Yours Sincerely,
Rajesh Dutta

Example 2

Question: You have recently noticed a large number of stray animals roaming around in government hospital premises. Write a letter to the editor expressing your concern regarding this issue.

Hints: Stray animals in hospital premises- In the corridors of indoor and outdoor departments- Defecate here and there- Pull out certain hospital wastages- Risk of infections and disease outbreaks- Threat to the patients’ health- Government should take action

2/61 Bablapur
North 24 Parganas

June 23, 2021

The Editor
The Telegraph
Kolkata: 700001

Subject: Stray animals inside a government hospital premises


I am writing this letter today to your esteemed daily in order to bring some light of concern on the burning issue of the presence of stray animals in the government hospital premises. 

Stray animals like cats and dogs are truly a part of our society in the Indian subcontinent. But recently I have visited a government hospital in my locality where I noticed such stray animals are roaming around in the hospital premises in a significant number. They were all over the outdoor and indoor department corridors, even under the beds of admitted patients. The most concerning thing is they defecate here and there in the hospital that increases the risk of infections and disease outbreaks. Besides, they pull out certain hospital wastages from the dustbins and garbage bags. It is a significant threat to the health of the patients. The situation is quite the same in almost all the government hospitals of our state.

Health should be the primary priority of any society hence of the government. Such presence of stray animals in the government hospital is nothing but reveals the poor condition of our healthcare sector. So, the government should immediately step into this matter and take all necessary steps to permanently resolve this issue. 

Yours Sincerely,
Rumi Bannerjee

Example 3

Question: Recently some diseases has outbroken in a few areas due to an excessive number of stray animals. Write a letter to the editor explaining this issue with its significance and suggest some suitable measures.

Hints: Large population of stray animals- Like a part of society- Diseases outbroke- Some are transmissible- Government need to step in- Primary healthcare sector needs be developed- Number of stray animals must be reduced

72A Bottola Road, Uttarpara

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February 18, 2021

The Editor
The Times of India 
8, Camac Street
Kolkata: 700017

Subject: Disease outbreak due to excessive street animals


Recently some areas in our state are witnessing severe outbreaks of various stray animal-borne diseases. This letter to your esteemed daily is to evaluate the gravity of this situation and for looking into some way forward to this matter.

The entire Indian subcontinent has a large population of stray animals especially dogs and cats. It’s better to say that these animals are also a part of our society as well. People love them, care for them. But with this love and care, various animal-borne diseases come. In most of the part of our country, it’s hardly possible to properly care and maintain the hygiene of these street animals. As a result, currently many areas of our state is suffering from various stray animal-borne infections. Some of these infections are even transmissible.

So, in order to control this situation, the government need to step in immediately. The primary healthcare sectors need to be equipped with proper infrastructure to deal with such diseases. Moreover, this excessive number of stray animals must be put under check. To achieve this target, the government need to frame a dedicated policy to deal with these stray animals.

Yours Sincerely,
Aditya Bansal

Example 4

Question: Recently the government has revised some of its policies regarding dealing with stray animals. Write a letter to the editor of a national newspaper evaluating these policies with their backlogs and limitations and express your concern regarding this issue.

Hints: Number of stray animals increased- Public face problems- Government improvised policy- Aggresive sterilisation and vaccination- Animal shelters- Insufficient allocations- No clarifications about workers’ qualifications- Vague definition of animal shelters 

21, Kathgola Road, Ghola
Kolkata: 700110

December 11, 2020

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The Editor
The Indian Express
164/A, BK Paul Ave
Kolkata: 700005

Subject: Government policy improvisation to deal with stray animals


Recently the state government has improvised some of its policies to deal the stray animals. I am writing this letter to your esteemed daily to express my view on this policy improvisation.

In the last few months, our state has witnessed various problems due to the excessive increase in the number of stray animals, especially dogs. Some of the localities have suffered from animal-borne diseases, some areas went dirty due to stray dogs. Finally, yesterday the urban development ministry has launched their newly improvised policy to deal with such issues. Under this policy, aggressive dog sterilization and vaccination mechanism have gained utmost priority for controlling the stray dogs’ population and diseases. Moreover, the honourable minister for urban development, Mrs Sukhi Panda has said that the corporations and municipalities will work more actively and with more efficiency. Besides, more stray animal shelters will be opened under this new framework.

But the per annum allocation for this entire agenda is quite insufficient compared to the expenses. Moreover, there is no kind of clarification about the qualifications of the workers who will sterilize and vaccinate those animals. Besides, the establishment of animal shelters is covered much lightly without any priority. So, the government need to clarify these backlogs and further improvise the policy to achieve desired success.

Yours Sincerely,
Barun Goswami

That was all about our presentation on writing editorial letters about the problem of stray dogs in your locality. In the samples above, I have tried to write the letters in four different aspects.

Hopefully, after going through this session, all of your doubts have been completely resolved. So, if you have liked our initiative or have any further queries regarding this topic, kindly let us know through the comment section below. Or if you want us to cover any such topics, don’t forget to mention them as well. You may take a tour of our website to go through more such sessions. 

Thanks for being with us. See you again, soon.