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Bihu is one of the most important festivals in Assam. In this article, I am going to show you how to write a report on Bihu festival if it is asked in your school exam. So let's dive in.

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Example 1

Celebration of Bihu Festival

Reported by: Tejas Laha

12 August 2020, Dispur: Assam is one of the largest producers of tea across the world. Besides tea, farmers of Assam also cultivate jute, sugarcane, fruits, pulses, coconuts, potatoes, cotton and nuts as well. With more than fifty percent of the total State Workforce involved directly or indirectly in the agricultural sector.

The Rangoli or Bohag Bihu, the Bihu festival marked in the month of April was celebrated in the outskirts of Barpeta, near the town of Dispur in Assam on last Sunday with great enthusiasm and vibrance among the farmers and their families.

An all-inclusive range of traditional sweets and delicacies were prepared in every home ranging from delicious Til Pitha and Amroli Tup to ecstatic Huthuli Pitha and Mua Aloo. The festive environment was deeply enhanced by the presence of such mouth-watering savouries.

The local corporator- Mr. Rajgir Birinchi  inaugurated the event by lighting the lamp. A prayer song followed the inauguration. People sang some folk songs.

The festival was marked by a grand worshipping ceremony in which all the farmers of the village granted their offerings and prayers to their harvest. The buildings, farms as well as the roads are beautifully embellished by flowers and leaves.

The festival was brought to an end by a grand bonfire and community dance in the evening.

Example 2

Celebration of Bihu Festival

Reported by: Special Correspondent

12 August 2020, Bongaigaon, Assam: On 11th August 2020, the village of Bongaigaon celebrated the grand Bihu festival to mark the arrival of Spring season.

The festival also referred to as “Kongali Bihu” or “Kati Bihu” is celebrated to mark the harvesting of summer crops which were sown in early summers. The whole village was beautifully ornamented by the stalks of paddy and food grains.

The Sarpanch of the village- Raj Rao inaugurated the event and shared the history of the festival and memories of the past year celebrations. The village school headmaster- Mr Jagjeet and a dance teacher- Mrs. Riya Blavinder judged the dance, singing and drawing competitions.

Farmers and their families were dressed in vibrantly coloured fabrics. A wide variety of delicious sweets and dishes were prepared and shared among the families. This festival brings fun, refreshment, peace and a sense of unity between all the villagers.

A grand community fest was organised in the afternoon in which the famous ecstatic dish, Duck Meat Curry, also known as “Hanhor Mangkho” was served.  The evening was commenced with a bonfire where men, women and children were elegantly dressed in their traditional attires- Gamosas and Mekhela Chadors.

Various instruments such as drums, dhols, bansuris, taals and pepas were amazingly performed by various villagers in the evening, to the tunes of which men, women and children danced together in unity.

Example 3

Celebration of Bihu Festival

By Utkarsh Singla

12 August 2020, Dispur, Assam:  Like some other Indian festivals, Bihu is associated with agriculture, especially highlighted upon rice, the annual Kati Bihu, also known as Kongali Bihu, is associated with crop protection and the worship of plants and crops.

The Bihu festival was commenced in the outskirts of the South Salmara- Mankachar, under the district of Charaideo in Assam on 10th of August 2020.This year, the State Governor graced the event with his presence. The chief guest lit the lamp and inaugurated the event.

This festival also marks the New Year as per the Assamese Calendar. Men, women and children wear flower garlands and greet each other. Brass, copper and silver pots are used to embellish houses and farms of the farmers. The harvested paddy fields are enlightened by lamps and lanterns.

The farmers gather together to enchant the “rowa-khowa” chants and spells as it is presumed that this will ward off the pests and the evil’s eye from their harvesting crop fields. 

In the evening, people collectively lit a grand bonfire and decorated the tips of bamboo plants by the traditional lamps, known as “akaxbonti”, as it is believed that the lights will show the way to Heaven to the souls of the Dead.

Example 4

Celebration of Bihu Festival

By Sejal Roy

12 August 2020, Silchar: The farmers of Darrang, Silchar in Assam commenced the Bihu festival with great fervour and passion with their families, friends and relatives on Friday.

Bhogali Bihu, or the Magh Bihu is celebrated every year to mark the end of the harvesting season. There is a lot of feasting and eating in this season as the granaries of farmers are filled with food grains.

This year, the oldest member of the village- Mr. Blavinder Sahu inaugurated the event. Mr. Sahu is 105 years old but still completes all his personal chores regularly.The celebration began as the young men of the village built the traditional “bhelaghar”, a small cottage constructed near the river with the hay of the harvested crop fields.

Sweets, dishes and an endless list of traditional, mouth-savvy delicacies are exchanged and shared among them. Men and women were dressed in their ethnic costumes.

Different types of fights are conducted such as bull-fight, cock-fight, nightingale-fight etc are watched by thousands of spectators.

The night is spent around the “Meji”, the traditional bonfire around which men, women and children dance to the instrumental tunes played melancholy by “Gogona”, "Xutuli'", "Toka” and many others. They offer their prayers to the God of Fire and thus mark the end of the harvesting year.

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