Report Writing on Road Safety Week [With PDF]

Road safety is one of the major concerns of the 21st century. In order to address this concern the road safety week is celebrated all around the country. Probably that’s why in recent times, newspaper report writing on road safety week is in trend in various exams. So, in the following session, we are going to write a few such reports on road safety week that can be relevant for various exams.

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Example 1

Kolkata Police Launched Rally on Road Safety Week

Reported by Bimal Jana

Kolkata; January 15, 2020: Kolkata witnessed a beautiful rally yesterday on the occasion of national road safety week. The rally was exclusively organized by the Kolkata police and experienced overwhelming participation from various sectors of general citizens. According to DC South of Kolkata Police, Mr. Ramesh Khanra, this rally was launched in order to promote awareness about traffic rules and road safety.

Many schools, as well as colleges of Kolkata, were invited to participate in the rally. As per the invitation, students went on with creative placards as well as festoons. The rally started from Hedua and continued till Subodh Mallick Square Park.

Between this journey, many cultural programs were also initiated on the way. Most importantly a renowned group of Street theatre named Nirvana also participated in the rally. A beautifully relevant street drama was performed by them as well.

These eventful activities turned the rally into a roadshow. The honorable mayor of Kolkata, Mr. Firhad Hakim attended the rally after reaching Raja Subodh Mallick Square. He hopes that this rally will really help to put a check on the road accidents around the city.

Example 2

Traffic Awareness Rally by Students of Burdwan; Celebrating Road Safety Week

By Amit Kar

Burdwan; January 13, 2020: The occasion of national road safety week has gained popularity beyond big cities. Till the time, Kolkata was the primary hub of these types of campaigns in Bengal but now, other parts of the state are also coming forward to take part in these campaigns.

Yesterday, the rice plate of Bengal, Burdwan city witnessed such a rally on the occasion of national road safety week with overwhelming participation, especially by the students. The president of the organizing committee, Mr. Ramakant Prasad, has let us know that almost every school in Burdwan city has come together in order to participate in this rally.

The local M.L.A Mr. Ashim Nag is hoping that such a rally will put a check on the increasing number of road accidents around Burdwan city caused by rush driving. Around 350 students from various schools of Burdwan participated in this program.

Many kinds of self-made creative placards and awareness posters were carried by them as well. The headmistress of Burdwan City Public School Mrs. Shovona Roy told us, this kind of participation of students in such social awareness movement enriches the students themselves and lead them in the way of being a responsible citizen in future.

Example 3

An Eventful Week Announced on The Occasion of National Road Safety Week

By Special Corrospondent

Delhi NCR; January 10, 2020: The Government of India has announced a week full of different programs in order to celebrate the national road safety week this year. As per the chief secretary for the transport of India, the central government is quite hopeful about this celebration of the road safety week that it will help to eradicate the increasing number of road accidents all around the country.

He also let us know that every state of the country has been notified to organize and celebrate the national road safety week in their own manner. Moreover, all the roads and streets of the NCR region is being decorated with colourful banners and posters; The Delhi police authority will also organize cultural programs related to traffic rules and regulations.

Many different national figures are invited to attend the program. Renowned dancer Sambhuji Maharaj will also take part in the 3rd day’s ceremony. In this context, it must be mentioned that national road safety week was announced a few years back by the government of India in order to spread awareness about road safety as well as traffic rules.

The increasing number of road accidents all around the country due to rash driving led the government to this announcement of this week.

Example 4

Bollywood Celebrities Participating in The National Road Safety Week Rally in Mumbai

Reported by Vinodkumar Apte

Navi Mumbai; January 16, 2020: The financial capital of India, Mumbai has witnessed an overwhelming participation of various significant Bollywood celebrates in a rally on the occasion of nationwide road safety week. The government of India announced the national road safety week on the 10th of January. Every part of the country and so is Mumbai has organized different events to celebrate the week in order to eradicate the increasing trend of road accidents.

Such a rally was organized in Navi Mumbai by the Mumbai Municipal Corporation yesterday. Basically, it was the bicycle rally that witnessed the participation of Bollywood celebrities like Salman Khan, Sanjay Dutt, and many others. All the streets and roads of the Navi Mumbai city was decorated with beautiful creative posters.

The Chairman of The Mumbai Municipal Corporation, Mr. Hargovind Ramadas hopes that this participation of such public figures will help to spread awareness about the traffic rules and eventually decrease the number of road accidents.

Moreover, through this rally, the Mumbai police have also approached the public to avoid the unnecessary use of horns to prevent noise pollution. The S.P Mumbai told that only the future can speak about the very effectiveness of such a campaign.

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That’s all about report writings on road safety week. We’ve tried to cover all possible aspects of the occasion. Hope you found this session helpful as per your requirement. Let us know your valuable opinion about this session in the comment section below. Thank you; see you again very soon.