Report Writing on Drug Addiction [4 Examples With PDF]


In this article, I’ll show you how to write a newspaper report on Drug Addiction. So without further ado, let’s get started.

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Example 1

Drug Addiction in youth

By: Scarlett Ash

November 22, 2020; New Delhi: Drug Addiction is increasing in a geometric pattern on a daily basis. More and more are falling prey to this madness, starting from school students to college students. Reports of new cases are recorded each day. Everybody thinks alcohol is not a drug but that is a misconception. Giving awareness classes can be useful.


Parents should talk to their children for a minimum of one hour so as to understand what is going on in their schools or colleges. Neglecting your children may result in depression which eventually leads to consumption of drugs.

This becomes a practice very fast and grows into addiction. This might even lead them to a stage where they cannot live without these drugs. There are various stages of addiction. This might lead to a drop in performance at school or college.

Actually, addiction is a condition that affects our brain which is manifested by the use of compulsive substances neglecting future consequences. This actually begins with the consumption of drugs in small amounts but over time they build up a tolerance, due to which they need to consume larger amounts for effects.

Example 2

Drug Addiction In College Students

Reported By: Royce Adams

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May 22, 2018; Kerala: The rising number of college students being arrested for drug cases are creating panic among parents. The main reasons for their addiction might be their feelings of unwantedness. How do the students get drugs? That is another side of the picture. There are literally people outside and inside colleges that actually sell it to them.

They might unexpectedly fall into their traps. Some of them want to know how it feels taking a drug. Curiosity is what leads the majority of students into their traps. Once trapped it’s almost impossible to escape. Then you are in the business in spite of your unwillingness.

Some escape, others lose the meaning of life and end up committing suicides. Yet there are few, who escape from this trap. They help others who have fallen into addiction. Addiction is something that happens over a period of time. It doesn’t happen instantaneously. 

Most students fall prey to this unknowingly. Drugs are mixed with drinks during parties where they unknowingly start the usage. Later knowingly or unknowingly they start becoming addicted to such an extent that they can’t pass a day without it.

Example 3

Increasing Drug Usage

Reported By: Elizabeth Ann, TOI

June 12, 2020; Bombay: The rapid rise in the number of drug cases has spread unusual anxiety among every family. One of the main reasons for the increase in the number of cases is limitless freedom given to the present-day youth.

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They are given too many allowances that they don’t know how to spend. Parents have no concern about how or where their children are or what they are doing with their allowances. Parents are least bothered about what their children are doing due to their workloads, leading their teenage children to exotic parties as they have never been before.

Since teenage is an age where you wanna do the impossible and try out new things to show off you slowly start showing off by taking a little bit of the drugs to show others that you can handle it. This creates an immense pleasure and slowly you become addicted.

Others want to know what pleasure you get from using drugs and try them out. Slowly they wanna feel the same way every now and then. That is where you start becoming an addict. They come to a point where they cannot live without these.

Example 4

Rapid Growth of Drug Usage

By: Sarah Abraham

January 5, 2021; Karnataka: Day by day the number of people using drugs is increasing without limit. Even though the authorities are trying to find how they are able to distribute drugs undercover. Measures are taken to reduce the number of cases.

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Necessary precautions are being taken and webinars and talks are being held so that one may understand the impact of the usage of drugs without supervision and also the side effects of the overdose. Overdose may even lead to paralysis or death. Undercover officers are being appointed in every nook and corner of every city.

They are present at every party so as to find out how it creeps into the lifestyle of a person. The findings were unbelievable. They found out that drugs were mixed in their drinks without their knowledge and slowly when the kick sets in, they want more of it.

This is because the drugs mixed in their drinks makes them forget where they are and for a moment they feel they are free from their responsibilities and burdens, that is, a moment of escape into a world they wish, a moment where they can forget everything and enjoy the present moment, thus leading to addiction.


There you have it: Report Writing on Drug Addiction.

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