Write a Newspaper Report on Train Robbery [2023 Updated]

By | February 14, 2021

Train robbery is one of the most important topics relevant for report writing. That’s why many instances of report writing on train robbery have been witnessed in various examinations all around the country.

Observing this trend, we have decided to come up with a session in which we will discuss train robberies and see a few instances of report writing on this very topic. So, here it is in the following.

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Example 1



Reported by Suji Swain

Varanasi; 19th January 2023: Passengers of Varanasi express yesterday witnessed a very disappointing and daring robbery between 4 to 5 am. The railway authority of India is considering this as not just a simple case of robbery. Because people got injured and a child got kidnapped. It was very much scary as well as shocking for the passengers.

The dacoits were so daring that they went on with their operation even in presence of the two rail police officials. The A2 coach and B5 coaches were the primary targets of the robbers. The passengers of the train got vulnerable and shocked. They even couldn’t believe what just happened. People lost most of the valuable things they were carrying. Mostly the parents of the kidnapped child got furious. As a response to this unfortunate incident, seven members of the railway protection force got suspended immediately for neglecting passengers’ security.

The secretary of the railway protection force promised that they will take care of every affected passenger. The government has announced a compensation of 50 thousand rupees for every injured passenger. The railway director immediately instructed the Bihar police to investigate the matter of this robbery and asked them to immediately find out the little girl who got kidnapped.

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It’s quite a disturbing and disappointing incident for every passenger on the train. The railway protection authority managed some first aid arrangements for the wounded people.

Example 2

Report Writing on Train Robbery example


Reported by Sneha Singha, Odisha TV

Patna; 13th May 2022: Delhi-Patna express has again witnessed an incident of train robbery yesterday.  In between Bihar and Patna junction, the train stopped in a signal for a moment. And then the notorious incident happened in the middle of the time. According to the assistant guard, the train’s main internal power supply got suddenly collapsed.

There was nothing but dark inside the coaches. Some people sensed something was going wrong. They kept their things checked. But even in between, some people sensed that they were lacking some things they were carrying. A lady sensed that her purse was gone. Eventually, everybody figured out that a robbery was underway.

A man was coming out of the toilet ran after the robbers and luckily caught the one from the group. Immediately the officer-in-charge of RPF came and investigated the matter. He took the captured person into custody. Passengers were scared enough to take any further steps even inside the train.

The RPF officer-in-charge promised everybody to rescue everything that got robbed. The good news is no passengers got injured and they managed to catch one gang member thus hopefully the investigating team will eventually find the other members of the gang. 

Example 3


Reported by our special correspondent

Birbhum; 14th September 2021: A gang of dacoits attacked the Birbhum mail on Wednesday and robbed many of the passengers at gunpoint. The incident happened in a very scary manner. All the dacoits were armed. 14 people got injured. The robbery was conducted between the Nimcha and Rashdohi railway station at around 2:30 at midnight.

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The robbery went on for around two hours. They stole every possible valuable item from all the passengers. They even confiscated their mobile phone. The passengers went unable to contact anyone. Children got terrified by the notorious incident. They even tried to contact the line of emergency communication.

Though the railway police as well as any staff of the railway office failed to respond on time. This incident raised a serious question about passengers’ safety on Indian Railways. The robbers managed to loot almost all the passengers of 3 consecutive coaches.

After that, the railway protection force was later able to secure some coaches from the terrible incident. But still, they had to face the outrages of the affected passengers. The RPF was accused of neglecting passenger security and delayed response. The officer-in-charge assured the passengers of a thorough investigation.

Example 4


Reported by Nandita Sahoo

Bhagalpur; 15th January 2023: An unexpected incident of train robbery took place yesterday in a very scary manner on the Delhi-Bhagalpur express. Dacoits looted jewellery, purses, mobile phones, cash, etc. All the robbers were totally armed with desi fire weapons aka ‘Desi Katta’. They used some alarm chains to get through the train between Kiul and Jamalpur railway station approximately between 3:00 to 4:00 at the night.

A total amount of almost 3 lakhs rupees was looted in the unfortunate incident. Passengers were scared and furious at the railway protection force. According to the officer-in-charge, the entire team is very ashamed of what had happened even in their presence. There was even a little collision between the dacoits and the passengers.

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The railway authority immediately seized the affected coaches and requested the passengers to have faith in them. Everything is under investigation by the rail police. As per the spokesperson, they are trying their best to arrest the gang. According to one officer, the police even managed to find some traces of the trespassers’. There will surely be more updates on this incident in the coming days.

That is all about report writing on train robberies. We have tried our best to cover every possible aspect and perspective in order to write reports on a train robbery. Hope you found this session helpful as per your requirement. Let us know your valuable opinion as well as suggestions for this session in the comment section below. Thank you; see you again very soon.