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Example 1

Literacy Campaign in School Premises

By Radhika Mohan

12 June 2020, Cuttack, Odisha: Nearly 100 students from classes tenth to twelfth and thirty-two teachers from Ravenshaw High School, Cuttack organised a literacy campaign in the nearby localities yesterday in the school premises.

Over the past few weeks, they had been collecting and gathering the general public to spread awareness about the significance of education in one’s life. They had successfully negotiated some 250-300 illiterate, underprivileged and poor children dwelling in the nearby slums who cannot afford education.

With a group of thirty teachers and hundreds of students, Smt. Meenakshi Chaturvedi, coordinator of this event planned to organise a program to educate those children.

The members divided themselves into various small groups and separately taught them the basics of education.

The younger children were taught the alphabets and basics of mathematical operations such as Addition and Subtraction whereas the elder were provided with the intermediate level of basics of English and math. The droppers were taught more advanced basics.

This event contributed towards literacy promotion . This programme was carried out with great enthusiasm and passion for six months.

Example 2

Mass Literacy Programme

Reported by: Ashis Jena

12 June 2020, Bihar: A mass literacy campaign was carried out in the state of Bihar as per the directives of the State Government. The duration of the campaign was for a year.

As per the national surveys and reports, Bihar records the least literacy rate across the whole nation. According to statistical information, the literacy rate of Bihar for the year 2019-20 is merely 61.80% in which the individual literacy rates for men and women are 71.20% and 51.50% respectively which is comparatively lesser than the average national literacy rate.

Realising the importance of adult literacy in the expansion of the primary education, the Chief Minister of Bihar, Shri Nitish Kumar, launched this initiative.

Illiterate, underprivileged men and women having weak socio-economic backgrounds were gathered and were involved in this initiative by spreading awareness about the importance of education.

Various subjects such as mathematics, economics etc were taught to them. A lot many of skills such as reading, writing and accounting were taught to them. The aim of this initiative was to enhance the State Literacy Rate and also provide more scope of employment opportunities.

Example 3

Mass Literacy Campaign in School Premises

Reported by Shankar Jubin

12 June 2020, Rasulgarh: Eklavya Senior Higher Secondary School launched an initiative to drive a massive literacy campaign from 12th January 2020 to 12th June 2020 for the duration of six months.

All the planning was done under the guidance of Shri D.K Pradhan, the principal of the School. The main objective behind this campaign was to make sincere efforts for the underprivileged sections and segments of the society to provide them with equal opportunities.

In the campaign, approximately fifty students from senior classes along with fifty teachers coordinated to educate the illiterate group of men and women.

The school distributed pencils, pens and notepads among the mass. Regular training and counselling sessions were also held to track the individual performances of people and receive feedback from them so as to improvise the strategies of teaching.

Substantially, more numbers of adults joined in the campaign as they were attracted by the teaching styles and strategies applied by the members of the school. The campaign was a full success and all the credits were given to the students and the teachers of the school.

Example 4

Literacy Campaign for Underprivileged Children

By Anisha Swain

12 June 2020, Bhopal: A literacy campaign was organised by the members of Mahadevi Birla Academy School with a vision to promote education, ethics and experience among the unprivileged segments of the society.

The school introduced this initiative two years ago. Every year, the numbers of new enrolments rises considerably. The school take utmost responsibilities for fifty deserving children under this campaign.

The deserving candidates are screened in by conducting many tests and tasks to identify their abilities. The school then pay for the fooding, shelter, hygiene books and stationeries of those children under the definite period.

The children were then provided with ample amount of resources and references. They were guided and encouraged by the students and teachers of the school. The children were consistently tested by organising various tests, quizzes and interactive competitions.

The children give the best of their efforts to learn as much as they can. After the expiry of campaign, only one student gets selected to whom the school will sponsor by providing free education throughout the school.

This year, Ashirwad Behera, S/o Niranjan Kumar Behera was sponsored by the school for his excellent academic performance. 

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