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Report writing on annual cultural programs is always a hot topic, quite relevant for multiple examinations all around the country. In our research, we have found that there are many kinds of confusion while writing reports on these kinds of common topics. That’s why we have decided to come up with a session on report writing on an annual cultural program to clear up all the doubts regarding the topic.

At the very beginning, I want to clarify that these kinds of reports can be classified into two categories:

  1. Magazine Reports
  2. Newspaper Reports.

So today’s presentation will be based on both of these categories. The first two examples will be in the pattern of newspaper reports and the next two will be in magazine reporting style.

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Example 1 [Newspaper Report]


By Special Correspondent

Aligarh College, 27 January 2021: The Aligarh College organized its annual cultural program yesterday in their giant college auditorium.  This is the most awaited day for all the students of the college. Like the other years, the secretary of the student association of the college published the official notification for all the students along with professors. All the students were requested to participate in the program.

The auditorium had been set up in a grandeur arrangement. All the gates were covered with flowers and beautiful lights. Yesterday by 10:30 in the morning the program started with an inauguration by the honourable principal and the chief guest, Alakananda Roy. Then an opening musical presentation made the audience feel the warmth.

After that, the cultural program presented a marvellous kathak performance along with a composed contemporary song. Then a drama was staged composed by the students in the honor of William Shakespeare. Thereafter, a beautiful chorus performance representing the colours of India was performed by the students. All the audience experienced a wonderful day in the program.

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The last performance was immensely intense as it was dedicated to the social workers who are dedicating their life every day to bring positive changes to the world. After the end of the traditional cultural programs by the students, a special surprise of an authentic Kuchipudi performance was presented by the dearest guest Alakananda Roy. It gave a delightful ending to the evening.

Example 2 [Newspaper Report]


By Ridhima Pal

Suryanath College For Girls, 18th December 2020: The excitement grew up among the students of the Suryanath College For Girls regarding their annual cultural program. This is the day where everyday college norms do not touch them and where everybody feels their love and compassion for the institution. The annual cultural day it is. All the students got time for nothing but to make the day a bit extra special.

All the handmade posters and pamphlets were designed by the students. The annual program management authority had set up the theme of ‘Art: Make In India’. This theme represented all the regional art forms of India by making beautiful graphitic posters. The chief guests of the evening were the orphan children from Sasthya Nirbhik orphanage.

They opened the evening with a beautiful chorus recitation along with welcoming all the guests with flowers. After such a beautiful beginning, the day entered into the main program.

A beautiful song by Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore was performed by a group of 1st-year students.  The principal of the college was invited then to deliver her valuable speech. On the stage, she talked about the Heritage and the significance of the cultural annual program of the college. 

Example 3 [Magazine Report]

Report Writing on Annual Cultural Programme example


By Rohit Sen

Vivekananda Higher Secondary School celebrated their Foundation Day on the school premises on 12th January, on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda. In 1962, on this very day, our school came into existence inaugurated by the contemporary chief minister Mr Prafulla Chandra Sen. From that very year, our School celebrates its Foundation Day with splendid cultural ceremonies by every year’s 12th of January. 

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This year was no exception for the school in terms of celebrating our foundation day. For this ceremony, the entire school building was decorated with beautiful flowers and lights. By 4:30 in the afternoon, the program started with a very short speech by our honourable headmaster Mr Sudip Chaudhary. Like all other years, most of the students of the school took part in the cultural program.

There were many kinds of cultural activities like recitation, chorus performance, group dance, etc. The most attractive part of the whole program was a beautiful drama written by Sukumar Ray and staged by a few students of different classes. The Annual cultural program of our school came to an end with the prize distribution ceremony to the successful school students in different fields by 7:30 p.m.

Example 4 [Magazine Report]


By Ritesh Burman, Cultural Secretary

The annual cultural day of any institution is always very important for all the students and teachers. Our Nava Nalanda is famous for having some special arrangements for this day every year. This year was no exception for us as well. The school celebrated the annual cultural programme this year in Netaji Indoor Stadium on 13th January.

Our school authority decided to celebrate this year’s annual cultural program with a different vibe than other years. For the annual cultural ceremony, they invited some poor children along with their parents. According to the plan of the cultural committee of our school, we dedicated this day to helping the needy and serving the poor. We have also decided to raise some funds in order to help orphan children.

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The fund will afterwards go to some orphanage. All the invited poor and distressed children were provided with new clothes, students gave their older books, notebooks, and other study accessories.

Then a small-scale cultural program was staged exclusively by the students. They sang, they recited and even they staged a short drama. All the faces of the children were glittering with joy. By 4:30 in the afternoon the program came to an end with a short speech by the principal of the school.

That was all about reports writing on an annual cultural program. Here in the session, we have tried to cover every aspect and tried to write these reports from all possible perspectives. Hope you found this session helpful as per your requirement. Let us know your valuable opinion as well as suggestions for this session in the comment section below. Thank you; see you again very soon.

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