Write a Report on Inter School Drawing Competition [2023 Updated]


Drawing competition is always a hot topic for report writing. There is always a trend of report writing on drawing competitions being noticed in many different examinations all around the sub-continent. That’s why we have decided to write a few such reports on this topic in the following session. At the very beginning, I want to clarify that these kinds of reports can be classified into two categories:

  1. Magazine Reports
  2. Newspaper Reports

So today’s presentation will be based on both of these categories. The first two examples will be in the pattern of newspaper reports and the next two will be in magazine reporting style.

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Example 1 [Newspaper Report]


By Asit Kumar Roy


Sodepur; January 5, 2021: A wonderful drawing competition was organized in the Sodepur High School on the occasion of the school’s 168th foundation day. Every year this school celebrates its Foundation Day in very memorable ways. So, just like the other years, the school authority decided to celebrate this year’s foundation anniversary with an inter-school drawing competition.

A notice from the table of the headmaster was circulated in this regard in order to notify and enlist the names of the participating students from the school. A total of four groups were formed with around 240 students and each group was provided with a specific theme to draw.

Students from all the classes participated in the Inter-School competition. The program started at around 10:30 in the morning and finished off by 12:30. The final result was declared by 3:00 p.m. and three winners were selected from each group.

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Most importantly, renowned painter Mr. Ganesh Aich acted as the judge. Thereafter the awards were distributed among the winners! Thus, after such a happening eventful day, the program came to an end with a short speech by the headmaster of the school.

Example 2[Newspaper Report]


By Moumita Raha

Malda; July 6, 2020: Sarojini Girls’ High School, Malda organized their annual Inter-School drawing competition yesterday. Like all other years, the drawing competition was organized and has taken place in the school playground area. According to the headmistress, Mrs Saraswati Mondal, this Inter-School drawing competition has a significant history and heritage connected with the School itself.

Basically, Sarojini Girls’ High School was established at the time of the Swadeshi movement in British India opposing the partition of Bengal. From the very day of its establishment, Mr. Satish Chandra Samanta started this Inter-School drawing competition in order to develop the creative minds of the students.

Following this tradition, an Inter-School drawing competition is organized every year by the school authority. Almost every student of this school participates in the competition irrespective of having formal training for painting. The competition started yesterday at around 9:30 a.m. and continued till 12:30 in the morning.

Each class was separated into specific groups containing students from all the sections of that class. The names of the winners and runners-up were announced by the headmistress by around 3:30 in the afternoon. Such a happening Inter School drawing competition came to an end with the prize distribution ceremony and a short speech delivered by the most senior teacher.

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Example 3 [Magazine Report]


By Mohammed Shoaib Iqbal

On the occasion of the national Independence Day ceremony, an inter-school drawing competition was organised on 15th August by Our Islampur High School. According to the tradition, every year we celebrate Independence Day with some new innovetive programs.

That’s why Islampur high school is famous in the entire district of Uttar Dinajpur. Our headmaster said, “Last year we have organized a tree plantation rally, and we got an overwhelming response from society.

But this year, due to some budget issues no such large-scale program could be conducted and an inter-school drawing competition seemed fit for the celebration of the Independence Day.” A notice regarding the competition was circulated one month prior to the day and almost 370 students enlisted their names. On Independence Day, after the flag upliftment ceremony, the drawing competition started on the school premises.

It continued till 11:30 in the morning. Thereafter the judges declared the result of the competition and the names of the winners by 3:00 p.m. Thus our inter School drawing competition at Islampur High School came to its end by 4:30 in the afternoon with the prize distribution ceremony by the most senior teachers of our school.

Example 4 [Magazine Report]


Chandni Naag

The annual inter School drawing competition of our Holy Child Girls’ High School took place yesterday. Like all other years, the Holy Child School authority organized the annual inter-school competition with great grandeur.

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By 8:30 in the morning, We went out on a procession from the school decorated with drill march company and bands exclusively arranged by ourselves. Then after 30 minutes, the procession returned to the school premises and the headmistress inaugurated the inter-school competition with a very short motivational speech.

There she explained the tradition of this inter-school competition and how it helps to boost the creativity level of the students. There were many other competitions along with drawing and it all started taking place by 10:00 a.m. Almost all the students participated in different types of competitions. But the drawing competition got an overwhelming response.

The school declared the result of the competition on the very same day afternoon and an exhibition was organized with the drawings of the students in the school hall room. At the very end, the chairman of our school committee promised to come back with something new and more exciting in the coming years’ inter-school competition.


That was all about reports writing on inter School drawing competitions. We have tried to cover every possible aspect of this topic. Hope you’ve enjoyed this session and found it helpful as per your requirement. Let us know your valuable opinion about this session in the comment section below. Your opinion is important to us.

Thank you; see you again very soon.