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I love athletics. For me playing sports is fun and exhilarating. I enjoy the social aspect, the competition, and the skills it takes to play just about any game or team sport. My body has become a fine-tuned machine because of the skills I have developed.

Out of all the sports, there are, I enjoy Kabaddi the most. I grew up playing it and despite any disagreements the game never gets old. It is fun to try to tag the other players and run up the score.

One aspect I like is that it is a simple game to play. There are no balls to learn how to dribble or bounce. There is no special equipment outside of the team uniform and there are no walls or other obstacles that you can run into and hurt yourself.


Kabaddi is pure clean fun that allows me to spend time with my friends staying healthy and enjoying the fresh air if we play outside. The lack of equipment means that we have to use our minds, create a great strategy and be able to move fast in order to win the game. Those aspects really appeal to me.

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In some ways, Kabaddi is like chess. You use your mind, create strategies and try to move out of danger as fast as you can in chess as well. Outwitting my opponents is far more attractive than trying to beat them physically like basketball or other physical athletic sports.

Of course, the women get the smaller playing field but I do not mind. The extra space to run allows me to stay in top shape and remain healthy. Another aspect I like is that a lot of my friends can play at the same time.

With 7 players on the field, very few are left out of the fun and the action. Of course, some versions have only 4 players but that is still large enough for everyone to enjoy themselves and play hard.

The one difficulty I always have trouble with is holding my breath and shouting all the time I am running. It is a challenge and training to get that right is not always fun. It is hard to say how many points I have cost my team because I just can’t get that requirement right.

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Kabaddi is my hobby and there is a good reason for it being that way. I do not think I am good enough to play the game professionally. I would like to but my talents are not fully developed where I can match wits and stamina with those who have played professionally for years.

It would be exciting to have thousands of people cheering for me to get that winning point without sacrificing any. As it stands we have about 20 people cheering us on when we play on the weekends.

That may not be exciting or a large crowd but at least we get to entertain a few friends who can’t play and help them have a great time during the match. Usually, it is just our girlfriends who show up and cheer us on.

For me, that is enough and I am content with making her proud. I may not be a great player but in her eyes, I am a hero and that helps motivate me to practice hard and get better at the game.

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Even when we lose she is there to help cheer me and make me feel better. That is one of the best reasons for playing Kabaddi. Having thereafter we finish means the world to me.

The simplicity of Kabaddi does not mean it is a bad sport to pay. Instead, that makes the game more fun as there are not a lot of tricks to master or equipment to fail. It is hard to imagine a better sport to play than this one.

How was the essay on Kabaddi? I hope you like it if so let me know in the comment section.

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