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There are a lot of good professions one can choose for a career. Some require a lot of education, others need people with talent, still more need people who can use their hands well.

The line ups for signing up at those careers are quite long. They are in high demand and very popular. But I am not the type of person who likes to follow the crowd. I enjoy finding a job or situation that fits my lifestyle, my thinking, and my beliefs.

One career that has caught my eye is law enforcement. Not just any level of this industry but what some may describe as a lowly police officer. I do not care about their opinion because I find being a police officer to be an honorable career.


Yes, corruption is high in this field. The reason for that is that the police officer position doe snot pays a lot of money. Good men and women are tempted by the large sums they can make if they turn a blind eye at the right moment.

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That is a hard temptation to reject. Not everyone can do it and some of the finest people have succumbed to taking payments when they should be upholding the law. I have a plan that should help me withstand that temptation as being honorable and honest mean more to me than being rich.

My aim is to draw upon the example set by some of the finest crime fighters we have in this country. If they could do it so can I. Those examples are my inspiration and motivation.

Also, when good cops do nothing, then we do not have a very safe country or even city to live in. The bad guys get to do what they want leaving honest citizens to pay the price. That is just not right in my mind.

Why should those who break the law get to have everything society has to offer? It should not be that way. We need good police officers to level the playing field once again and let criminals know that they cannot get away with their lawbreaking schemes.

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I grew up with honest parents who taught me the values of life. They also taught me right and wrong and that doing the wrong things is not the way to live. In my aim to be a police officer I want to make my parents proud and see that all their teaching and effort did not go to waste.

Also, I feel that I can make my best contribution to society by doing my part to help it remain strong, honest and out of the hands of those who are greedy and seek monetary gain through illegal activities.

I may not get far in life but at least I will be able to stand in front of a mirror and be able to look at myself. That means more to me than getting a few extra dollars under the table.

Also, I want to be an example for my children when I have them. Having a wife and children proud of you is worth more than money. Then being an inspiration for future police officers is also an enticing thought. Their seeing honest police officers still exist should inspire them to be honest in whatever profession they sign up for.

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Being a police officer may be a lowly position in the eyes of many people but in reality, it has a wider impact on people than doctors or lawyers can have. There is something special about being a policeman and I want to be a part of that something special.

That is what is driving me to become a police officer. Even though I am not someone who is very important, I can still make an impact on my society and hopefully my country that will outlive all the criminals I have to deal with.

I hope you like the essay on My Aim in Life to Become a Police Officer. Please share your thoughts in the comment section.

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