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Hello readers, Today we are going to present an essay on My Aim in Life to Become a Soldier. I hope you like it. So let’s dive in!

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There are many careers that do not take a lot of thought before deciding to embark on that path in life. They are popular, they help you earn a lot of money, and you get to be home with your family every night of the week.

Those facets of those careers are very attractive and tempting to do. Yet I decided to become a soldier because there was something unique about it. That uniqueness sets it apart from those other more desired careers and it takes quite a lot of thought before making a decision.

Where other careers you get to have a long life, enjoy the fruits of your labor, that isn’t always possible when one becomes a soldier. When one signs up they are saying that they are willing to sacrifice the rewards that other careers have to offer in exchange for protecting those careers from enemy nations.

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It is a very hard decision to make but it is a decision that can be fulfilling because it is not a selfish decision to make. As I thought about it, I felt that I would be doing something that counts by becoming a soldier.

My job and my life would have meaning to it because I have chosen to be the person on the front lines, in a line of defense for my country and my fellow citizens. It is hard to trump the feeling one gets when thinking about those aspects of being a soldier.

This does not mean that by aiming to be a soldier I feel superior to my friends, loved ones or fellow citizens. It just means that I need something more out of life than just a 9 to 5 job and a weekly paycheck.

It also means that I want my life to count for something that is bigger than me. The way to get that is by striving and working hard to become a soldier for my country. This is not a career for everyone.

Those that do not choose this career are not less of a citizen than me. It is hard to explain how becoming a soldier is right for me and not right for my brother or my friends. It is not easy to put one’s life on the line when called into battle.

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Especially when there are more lucrative careers I could have chosen. I also know that my living conditions are not going to be the best in the world or that I will have a lot of money to spend when I am on leave.

Those sacrifices are worth it when I think of how my friends and family will be safe and are able to enjoy their careers. Yes, soldiers tend to act up a lot and make a bad name for themselves when they are on leave and enjoy a night at the pub.

When those actions are put into perspective it is understandable that they will act that way as they never know when they will stop being a soldier and be buried 6 feet under. It is a hard fact to live with and that hard fact takes some hard living to deal with it properly.

As I think about it, I would have it no other way. I may not get the rewards in life that other careers offer nor will I get a beautiful home but to me being a soldier is worth the cost.

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It is a great career and with some luck, there will not be a war anytime soon and I can retire to a peaceful existent knowing I served my country well and honorably without paying the ultimate cost.

Being a soldier is a great way to live and see the country, the world and a few other benefits most people never get to experience no matter how much money they make. With everything involved with being a soldier it is a great way to make a living and live life to its fullest.

How was the essay on My Aim in Life to Become a Soldier, I hope you like it if so do comment below your thoughts and let me know.

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