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No matter how one starts out in life it is not always indicative of how they will end up. My favorite author Ruskin Bond seemed to have it all when he was born and as he grew into a young child.

His father taught English to the young princesses at Jamnagar palace for at least 6 years. Why his father left is not truly known but since it was the start of the second world war and India was still under the control of Britain, the country entered the war and needed able-bodied men to fight.

From that good beginning came a little tragedy. When Ruskin was 8 years old his mother left his father and married another man. At first, this did not bother Ruskin as he was close to his father.


What may have helped his adjustment to his new life was his interest in writing. He seemed to be a good writer as he won several writing competitions then wrote his first short story when he was 16years old.

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That foundation is probably the greatest strength in Mr. Ruskin. He knew what he liked and wanted to do early in his life and he pursued it with a passion. Even when the going got tough, publishing his first novel in England, he did not give up on his goal and strove to become a successful writer.

That persistence probably says more about the man than his own published works, even the ones that dealt directly with his life. He would take the hardship to endure the rejection just to make it to the top and see his work read by others.

I guess another aspect that makes him my favorite writer is that he never divorces himself from his own experiences. That makes his books more realistic and interesting to read.

Then when his A flight of the Pigeons was made into a movie, it helped bring the Indian rebellion alive for all of us who could not be there to experience what it must be like living in such conditions and pushed till you either break or rebel.

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It is hard to find a writer who can capture the actual moments especially when they are not born during or prior to that time. Yet Mr. Bond was able to do that and that ability helps him to stand out from all the other authors who try their best to write the best novels they can.

One could draw a lot of motivation and inspiration from Mr.Bond., His 50-year literary career is filled with over 500 short stories, essays and a lot more. Given his adult work, it does seem surprising that he would start to enter the world of writing for children.

Yet Mr. Bond reinvented himself, again setting an inspirational example, and became a children’s book writer. So far, he has published about 50 books for little children to read. It is doubtful that he will stop anytime soon.

That conclusion is drawn from his own words when he said that he would have written even if he was not published at any time in his life. He loved writing a lot and that is another characteristic that helps Mr. Bond standout.

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His love for his craft put a special influence on his work that makes it so attractive to read. You can manufacture that attitude, it has to be real and when it is real it truly shows in the pages of his work.

Writing may also fill a void for Mr. Banks as his family is either long past on or living far away from where he lives. That may be the sad overture to his life and accomplishments. Although he has an adopted family he is basically alone.

The final inspiration act he gives to all is that even at his current age he is still writing. He never stops and nor should we.

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