An Essay on a Visit to a Dussehra Fair of Your Town [PDF]


Dussehra fair is a popular Hindu festival celebrated on Vijaya Dashami. In today’s essay presentation we will be going to show the example Essay on a Visit to a Dussehra Fair of Your Town.

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As the end of Navratri approaches, it brings along with itself a bizarre mix of both sadness and joy. Sadness due to the fact that the beautiful celebration has come to an end and happiness or joy at the realization that the annual Dussehra fair will begin once again.

Last year, I went to the fair with my friends in the evening, the day after Dussehra. As we neared the main gate, we could only stand and look on with wonder towards a whole new world sitting right in front of us. While usually, our parents would not let us leave the house in the evening, they all made an exception for the town Dussehra fair.

As we bought our tickets at the counter and entered, we were greeted by the sight of thousands of fairy lights strung across the massive fair which added a warm glow to the ambiance. Balloons floated and bobbed past us as children ran around with them. The air was filled with the sound of laughter, shrieks of glee and excited chatter as we delved further into the maze-like structure of the fair.

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As we wandered through the bazaar set up, we could feel our mouth-watering as a strong waft of something frying filled the air. We looked at each other and ran towards the food stalls to find the source of deliciousness that was making all of our stomachs grumble simultaneously.

And we definitely were not disappointed by the sight in front of us, to say the least. At that particular fair, you could spot about every type of goody you could eat on the streets or towns.

From sweet-tasting cotton candy and buttery hot popcorn to masala filled dosas and chilling snow cones, they had it all. Being the thoughtful children that we were, we sat down and discussed our budget, classifying them into three categories – Food, amusement rides, and toys.

Within minutes we sorted out our calculations and attacked the food stalls leaving no morsel of tasty goodness untouched. Finally, after a heavy meal that started from panipuris and ended at rose lassis, we took some rest as we walked about the market trying to find toys for ourselves that both caught our eyes and fit into our budget.

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After visiting various shops and much bargaining, we finally scored a lot of toys for each one of us and smiled from teeth to teeth out of happiness.

With our train sets, plastic cooking utensils, bat’s and cars sorted, we moved onto the next course of attraction, the amusement rides. Taking turns, we rode on nearly 5 rides through the fair. First, we all went aboard the dragon roller-coaster ride.

As the train started speeding up and twisting and turns in various directions, we started screaming out of glee on the top of our lungs. When we got off the ride we started laughing once again looking at our new crazy hairstyles.

Next, we went on to the huge Ferris wheel at the center of the fair. While it moved quite slow, it was very scary because it was at quite a height. When our carriage reached the top of the wheel, we gasped in wonder as we took in the beautiful aerial view of our town.

While we proceeded to move downwards, we did not leave the hand railings even once out of fear of falling. Once we landed on the ground, we all heaved sighs of relief

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After that, we proceeded to the shooting range where each of us got 3 chances to shoot all the balloons in the range under 30 seconds and when one of my friends won the challenge, he was rewarded with a huge soft toy that looked like a panda.

After that, we played a couple more games and by then we realized we had already spent hours inside the fair. If we stayed any longer then we would have been crossing our set curfew and that in turn would only lead to punishments and cancellation of any such future outings as a group.

Hence, we hurried up and found our way back to the entrance where we found our parents waiting to take us back home from the fair and we all left with some big smiles on our faces.

So how was this essay on visit to Dussehra fair of your city? It will be appreciated if you share your thoughts in the comment section.

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