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My dear students, after a long pause due to the global pandemic, all the academic activities are being resumed gradually. With the changing demand of time, CBSE is also trying to bring significant changes in various academic approaches. Recently through a video conference, senior board members of CBSE have announced that they will now be gradually revising the question pattern in the upcoming examinations.

The pattern is going to be revised for almost all subjects. CBSE has declared that from now on, at least 50% of the total question will be in a multiple-choice based pattern. Besides, they have also announced that the paper will be framed in order to test the students’ overall comprehensive ability rather than checking their memorising power. English writing is not going to be an exception in this case too.

In the video conference, the board has released virtual notifications for individual subjects as well. Along with other subjects, they have specifically mentioned that in English writing MCQs, questions based solely on the writing format will hardly be asked. Rather the questions here are going to be framed in such a way that will be able to test the students’ overall understanding of the concept more effectively

Based on this decision of CBSE, we have decided to come up with sessions discussing model MCQs as per the guidelines by the board. As we decided, this is our fourth session on model MCQs related to English writing skills. This session is going to be focused on MCQs exclusively related to speech writing.


We have already conducted four dedicated sessions on Letter Writing MCQsClassified Advertisement Writing MCQs, Notice Writing MCQs, as well as Article Writing MCQs respectively. You can check them out later on our website. Now, let’s focus on this session on MCQs related to speech writing.

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MCQs of Speech Writing:

  1. Speech writing is a

A. Addresal
B. Greetings
C. Message
D. A, B and C

Answer: A

2. Which of the following is the most essential part of speech writing?

A. Date
B. Title
C. Salutation
D. None of these

Answer: C

3. Under what motive/motives should you write a speech?

A. To be read as an excellent piece of writing
B. To be read to address an audience
C. To be further copied
D. Both A and B

Answer: B

4. What does the repetition of significant words mean in speech writing?

A. Prolongation of the speech
B. Monotonous speech
C. Both A and B
D. Emphasizing a particular phrase

Answer: D

5. When should you create a paragraph while writing a speech?

A. Whenever the situation demands
B. Speech should strictly be written within 3 paragraphs
C. No hard and fast rule with paragraphs but should be sharp and brief
D. Both A and C

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Answer: C

6. You have been asked to write a speech for your friends’ birthday. Which of the following you must maintain while writing that speech?

A. Keep it short
B. Keep it funny
C. Tell a story
D. Both A and B
E. Both A and C

Answer: A

7. Whom should you address in the speech?

A. The common public
B. A specific audience
C. To the chairperson where the speech is being delivered
D. Depends on the context

Answer: D

8. You have been asked to write a speech for a sanitary awareness campaign. What tone should you maintain while writing the speech?

A. Storytelling and impressive
B. Mixture of facts with stories
C. Storytelling and appealing
D. Detailed facts and direct approach

Answer: B

9. What can you do in your speech to send a message to your audience?

A. Use relevant quotes
B. Use detailed facts
C. Present your speech in the form of a story
D. A, B, and C
E. Both A and C

Answer: E

10. How should you end your speech?

A. Criticising the issue
B. Giving your own opinion
C. Thanking the audience
D. There’s no hard and fast rule

Answer: C

11. Which of the following should you always avoid while writing/delivering a speech?

A. Criticising the public
B. Giving your personal opinion
C. Try to get the personal opinion accepted
D. A, B and C

Answer: C

12. What is referred to as voice intonation in a speech?

A. Constant volatility in voice while delivering a speech
B. Sudden rise in voice while delivering a speech
C. Transformation of the speech from active voice to passive voice or from passive to active voice
D. None of these

Answer: A

13. Which of the following argument/arguments is/are true about speech writing?

i. You always have to maintain a neutral and formal tone while writing a speech.
ii. The write-up have to be evenly distributed in three to four paragraphs.
iii. Speech should only be written with the focus to be delivered

A. i and iii are true
B. i, ii, and iii is true
C. i and ii is true
D. only iii is true

Answer: D

14. Which of the following apply/applies while writing an introduction of a speech?

i. Has a hook
ii. Has the thesis statement
iii. Has supporting details
iv. Introduces the topic

A. Only iv
B. i and iv only
C. i, ii, and iv
D. iii and iv only

Answer: C

15. Before writing the speech, you must first think of the points that suit the topic. However, the points themselves are not sufficient to provide a clear view and understanding to the audience. What can you do to provide a crystal clear understanding to the audience?

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A.  distribute copies of the speech
B. elaborate each point by giving examples
C. slides presentation
D. distribute brochures

Answer: B

16. Which of the following is/are a public speech?

i. Short speech
ii. Professional speech
iii. Informal speech
iv. Written speech

A. Only iii
B. i and iii only
C. i, ii, iii and iv
D. i, ii, and iii only

Answer: D

17. Which of the following should never be a purpose of a speech delivery?

A. Discouragement
B. Call for action
C. Entertainment
D. Creating acceptance

Answer: A

  • Media has a stronghold on society. Write a speech in 125-150 words on how media influences public opinion to be delivered in the school assembly.

18. The question above should be classified under what kind of speech?

A. Formal speech
B. Public speech
C. Informative speech
D. Persuasive speech

Answer: C

19. Which of the following should have the topmost priority in the speech writing for the question above?

A. Statistics
B. Story
C. Personal experience
D. All of these

Answer: A

20. Whom should you address while writing this speech?

A. The headmaster
B. All the teachers
C. All the students
D. The entire audience present
E. All of the above

Answer: D

21. Which of the following context should have the lowest priority while writing this speech?

A. Yellow journalism
B. Media trial
C. Corruption in media
D. Impact of social media

Answer: C

22. Which of the following is the most appropriate way to end the speech?

A. Call for self-awakening and believe with verification
B. Your opinion about the current influence of media and its future
C. Criticising media for over-influencing the society
D. Call for the media to follow the proper ethics of journalism

Answer: A

Over the last two decades, the influence of media has grown exponentially. We trust the media as ………………… (25) news and information.  Good Morning!……………………………………(26). I, have come before you all to talk about the media’s strong influence on public opinion.
Media reflects and projects the view of a minority elite, which controls it. Society is influenced by the media. This media not only helps the public to get information about a lot of things but also makes them form opinions and make a judgement regarding so many issues. Media limits the ……………………………(27) of people and affects the youth in the society who lack experience and sometimes blindly believe in what they see or hear. And many times the news covered is over-exaggerated and sensationalized and this diverts public attention away from the actual problem. The media also has the ability to influence society by broadcasting what they believe you should see.
The media can thus …………….(28) public opinion in different ways depending on what their objective is. So it is our duty as enlightened citizens to not let ourselves be misled. Thank You………………(29)!

23. Which relevant and required element does the above-written speech lack?

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A. Statistics
B. Quotes
C. Self opinion
D. All of the above

Answer: A

24. Which part of the written speech could be improvised with statistics?

A. Introduction
B. Body
C. Conclusion
D. Relevant statistics could fit anywhere

Answer: B

Fill in the blanks of the above-written speech with the appropriate phrases.

A. A source of
B. The primary collector and distributor of
C. An authority for
D. None of these

Answer: C

A. All the audience present
B. My teachers and friends present
C. Respected principal, teachers and dear friends
D. Respected principal, teachers and dear friends present

Answer: D

A. Decision-making ability
B. Capability of analysation
C. Thinking capacity
D. None of these

Answer: C

A. Form or modify
B. Influence
C. Highly affect
D. Either B or C

Answer: A

A. My fellow audience
B. My teachers and friends present
C. Respected principal, teachers and dear friends present
D. None of the above

Answer: D

30. Which of the following can be the purpose of a speech?

A. Delivering some information
B. Influence the audience to pursue some ideas
C. Address an audience on some ceremonial occasion
D. All of the above

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That was all about the session on discussing important model MCQs exclusively focused on speech writing. I hope after going through the entire session thoroughly, you have been able to understand the question mentality and demand of CBSE. For your further help, you can download this entire session and store it as a PDF. If you have liked this initiative, please let me know your opinion through some quick comments. Besides, if you want me to cover such MCQ sessions on any specific topic of English comprehension, please let us know that too. 

To get the latest update about our upcoming sessions please join our telegram channel. Thank you for being with us. Have an excellent exam ahead.