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Dear students, recently CBSE has notified through a video meeting that they will revise their question pattern for almost all subjects from the next term examination. From now on, 50% of questions will be based on multiple-choice. Moreover, the format of the question is also going to be changed for many subjects in order to evaluate the students’ skills in a more comprehensive way. English comprehension is not going to be an exception too.

CBSE has released specific guidelines for each subject. According to that subject-specific guideline, in English comprehension tests, questions based on writing format will no longer be asked. Instead, there will be questions specially framed to evaluate the students’  reading, understanding, analytical, and decision-making skills. 

So, on our website, we have decided to publish comprehensive suggestions based on the new pattern suggested by CBSE one by one. This is the 2nd session on suggestive MCQs related to notice writing. The first one was focused on MCQs related to letter writing. I encourage you to read that too.

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Notice Writing MCQ Questions with Answers:

  1. Consider the following statements regarding notice writing.

i. A notice is a form of formal message. It contains certain information.
ii. A notice can be written in an informal tone if the context demands it.
iii. Notice writing is not only limited to educational institutions.


Identify the correct statement/statements

A. i and iii only
B. iii only
C. i and ii only
D. i, ii, and iii

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Answer: A

2. What tone should be maintained in public notices?

A. Addressing and informal
B. Formal and emotionless
C. Formal and connecting
D. Informal but professional

Answer: B

3. Mention the purposes for which notices can be written?

i. Public Event
ii. House Party
iii. Found an object
iv. All of the above

A. i only
B. iv only
C. i and iii only
D. i and ii only

Answer: C

4. How important is the title for notice writing?

A. Somewhat important
B. Depends on the context
C. Most important
D. An indivisible part

Answer: D

5. Identify the most suitable line to start a notice writing

A. XXXX has decided to ……………………
B, Everybody must know that………………………
C. This is to inform that…………………………
D. You must be notified that…………………

Answer: C

6. How important is it to mention subscription in notice writing?

A. Most important
B. Only for a newspaper notice
C. Not mandatory
D. According to the contexts’ demand

Answer: D

7. Which among the following isn’t a mandatory part of notice writing?

A. Subject
B. Salutation
C. Date
D. Signature

Answer: B

8. Which of the following should be strictly avoided in notice writing?

A. I
B. You
C. Both of these
D. Can be used

Answer: C

9. What type of titles should you choose for notice writing?

A. Short and Catchy
B. Elaborating
C. Should not be there
D. None of the above

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Answer: A

10. What should you do if the name of the primary authority is not given in the question?

A. Name any other fictitious authority’s name
B. Use ABC/XYZ as the name
C. Avoid mentioning the name
D. None of these

Answer: B

 While walking in a park in your neighbourhood you found a small plastic bag containing some documents and some cash. Write a notice in about 50 words to be put on the park notice board asking the owner to identify and collect it from you. You are Amar/Amrita. (CBSE 2017)

Answer the following questions based on this notice writing topic:

11. What kind of contact details you should provide for this notice?

i. Phone number
ii. Address of your house
iii. Email ID
iv. Contact details are not mandatory

A. i and ii only
B. i only
C. i, ii, iii
D. iv only

Answer: B

12. What is an appropriate title for the notice?

A. Bag Found
B. Black Plastic Bag Found Containing Documents and Cash
C. Contact xxxxxxxxx to Collect Lost Bag
D. Found A Lost Bag

Answer: B

13. Where should you place the date in a notice?

A. Prior to the title
B. Next to the tile
C. Along with the subject
D. At the ending

Answer: A

14. Where should you mention your name in this notice?

A. At the very top of the notice
B. Within the notice
C. In the end
D. No need to mention

Answer: A

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15. Can explaining your personal character give a boost to the purpose of this notice writing?

A. Can somewhat affect the purpose
B. No effect on the purpose
C. Can highly influence the purpose
D. Can not be explained in notice writing

Answer: D

16. In general, who should sign the inter-school notices?

A. The head boy/Girl
B. The head of the institution
C. The class teacher
D. None of these

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That was all about our session on suggestive question answers related to Notice writing. Do also check our 1st session related to Letter writing MCQs with Answer, to get an in-depth idea about the CBSE 2021 question pattern.

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