[Free PDF] Article Writing MCQs | Q&A | CBSE Class 12 [TERM 1]


Recently in a video conference, CBSE has announced that they will be revising the question pattern for almost all subjects in the upcoming examinations. So, my dear students, I think it’s time for you to be comprehensively aware of the regulations by CBSE and get prepared. 

In the video conference, CBSE has declared that from now on 50% of the total questions will be in a multiple-choice based pattern. This regulation applies to all subjects. The board members also conveyed that questions will be framed in such a way that the paper will be more efficient to analyse the students’ overall comprehension skills rather than evaluating their memorization ability. 

The same applies to English Writing too. CBSE has specifically mentioned that questions based on the format of the English writings will no longer be asked. Rather the paper will focus more on evaluating the students’ overall understanding and comprehensive ability on the writing.

Based on this regulation released by CBSE, we decided to come up with sessions containing suggestive model MCQs related to different English comprehension writings. We have already come up with sessions on model questions related to Letter Writing MCQs, Classified Advertisement Writing MCQs, as well as Notice Writing MCQs. All those sessions are still available on our website. You can check them out and download those sessions in PDF format for your further help in future

Today, I’m going to present to you a comprehensive session on model MCQs related specifically to article writing. Follow the session with the utmost attention and try to understand the question pattern suggested by CBSE and their questioning mentality. 

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Article Writing MCQs With Answers:

  1. An article can be a…………

A. Addressal
B. Statement writing
C. Awareness campaign
D. All of the above


Answer: D

2. How should you begin article writing?

A. With statistics
B. With Consequences
C. With a brief introduction about the topic
D. According to the situational demand

Answer: D

3. Select the exact motive on which an article can be written

A. Give advice
B. Brief description of a program
C. Notifying people
D. All of the above

Answer: A

4. What kind of tone should you maintain while writing an article?

A. Formal
B. Article should reflect your personal opinion
C. Argumentative analysis of the topic
D. Call for action

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Answer: C

5. When an article needs a heading?

A. Only when the topic demands
B. Always
C. Doesn’t need a heading
D. Only in Newspaper articles

Answer: B

6. Which of the following isn’t relatable to the article writing?

A. Salutation
B. Date
C. Subscription
D. All of the above

Answer: D

7. How do subheadings help an article?

A. Helps to look more organized
B. Makes the article easier to read
C. Both A and B
D. Article doesn’t require subheadings

Answer: C

8. Can you include your own opinion while writing an article on a specific topic?

A. No, authors’ opinions can’t be included
B. Yes, but only in the body
C. Maybe, but the heading should reflect that
D. Yes, but Only in the conclusion

Answer: D

9. Which of the following can not be included in the article writing?

A. Statistics
B. Authors’ opinion
C. Quotes
D. Both A and C
E. A, B, and C all can be included

Answer: E

10. What should be the title of the article writing?

A. Eye-catchy
B. Explain the topic in a few words
C. Should be short and relevant
D. All of the above

Answer: D

11. How do statistical facts help an article?

A. Helps the reader in a deeper understanding of the concept
B. It’s a kind of call for action for the reader to do some math
C. Statistics and analytics help the article to look more organised and comprehensive
D. All of the above

Answer: A

12. What does a by-line mean in an article?

A. An extra piece of information
B. The name of the writer
C. Pointless
D. Part of a goal line

Answer: B

13. Suppose you have run out of words while writing an article. What would be the wisest then to do?

A. Include statistics
B. Add quotations
C. Repeat the primary topic in a different language
D. All the above can be included

Answer: B

You are Akash/Ipshita. You are concerned about the increasing use of cell phones by people. Educate the people about the risks such as potential health hazards from the electromagnetic fields emitted by mobile phones, the threat of brain tumours and cancers, fear of accidents while driving, etc. Write an article in 150–200 words expressing your concern.

14. Select the appropriate title for this article

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A. Increasing usage of cell phones can cause potential hazards to public life
B. Danger from Cell Phones
C. Cell Phones and Potential Health Crisis
D. Cellphones and Potential Health Crisis: A game of electromagnetism

Answer: C

15. Suppose, one of your family members has been affected by the overuse of cell phones. Can you mention that in this article?

A. Yes, should be mentioned
B. No, Shouldn’t be mentioned
C. Mention doesn’t matter
D. Yes, but should be mentioned indirectly

Answer: D

16. Suppose you’re an expert on the ill effects of a cell phone. How should you include a few line jargon in the article?

A. No need for technical jargon
B. Should be included in an easy to read manner
C. Facts should be included as is
D. Should be presented with relevant statistics

Answer: A

17. Whom should you address while writing this article?

A. Specifically the young generation
B. The parents
C. The government and the MNCs
D. No need for specific addressal

Answer: D

18. What kind of statistics should you refer to in this article?

A. Data of increasing cell phone usage in the last 10 years.
B. Data of the increasing rate of cancer since the last decade.
C. Data of the Increasing rate of accidents since the last decade.
D. All the above
E. Only B and C

Answer: E

  • Below is an article written based on the question mentioned previously. Answer the following questions based on this article.

The invention of mobile phones is one of the major advancements in human history. They have impacted the way people communicate with each other. They have created an easier platform for the spread of information from one person to another despite distances. The advantages of mobile phones are many. However, the mobile also has its disadvantages. Adolescents and teenagers are usually in a distracted state because of mobile phones. They are seen talking and texting at all places even while on the road while driving and even during classes. This can be detrimental as it may cause accidents and also prevent them from reaching their potential in academics. Anti-social elements are known to use mobiles for nefarious activities and terrorist acts. Research has also shown that overuse of mobile phones may cause harm to our bodies. Certain self-control measures over the use of mobiles will help us use them for our benefit and reduce their harmful effects.

19. What is primarily wrong with this article mentioned above?

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A. The author’s name is missing
B. The title is missing
C. The article is written in long complex-sentences
D. Both A and B
E. A, B, and C

Answer: D

20. Select the appropriate title for this article

A. Increasing usage of cellphones can cause potential hazards to public life
B. Danger from Cell Phones
C. Cellphones and Potential Health Crisis
D. Cellphones and Potential Health Crisis: A game of electromagnetism

Answer: C

21. What kinds of value addition does this article lack?

A. Statistics
B. Quotes
C. Pattern of harmful effects caused by cellphones
D. All the above
E. Both A and B

Answer: E

22. How could you better conclude this article?

A. By adding a few statistics
B. By using a quote
C. Mentioning a personal experience
D. Expressing your concern and suggesting some alternatives

Answer: D

23. In which position in the article should you mention the statistical data?

A. You should start with statistics
B. Should be mentioned in the body
C. Include this in the introduction
D. Wherever it seems relevant

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That’s it. I hope through this comprehensive session on MCQs related to article writing you have understood the question pattern suggested by CBSE and also understood how the questions will be formed. So from now, please try to focus on learning the topic rather than memorising the format.

You can store this entire session by downloading it in PDF format. Still, if you face any doubts or have any specific questions regarding this session, please let us know in the comment section below. I will try to attend to your query as soon as possible. We have also covered sessions based on MCQs related to other topics of English comprehension. Don’t forget to check them out on our website. And to get the latest update about our upcoming sessions important for your exams, please join our telegram channel.

Thank you for being with us, have a great exam ahead.