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It must be nice to have a ninja warrior as a friend. Bullies do not bother you, mean people avoid you and life can be pretty sweet because a lot of your troubles are far away. But I do not have a ninja warrior as a friend. I just wish I did.

It may be that I am envious of Kenichi as he does have a ninja warrior as a friend and one that is gracious enough to help him out. Ninja Hattori seems to be a likable person and I picked him as my favorite cartoon character as he has many positive elements I love.

Even though Ninja Hattori is only 11 years old, he is endowed with many gifts. One of which is being a very good ninja warrior. This ability comes in handy when strangers, enemies, and nonfriends get out of hand and go a bit too far.

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Being rescued from a tough situation is something a lot of us wish could happen to us. Kenichi is very lucky to have someone like Ninja Hattori on his side. Ge gets rescued all the time.

If we had an example of what a true friend was, it would look like Ninja Hattori. His dedication to the well being of his friend is beyond measure and very commendable How he puts up with Kenichi is beyond me. I doubt I could be a true friend to such a lazy person.

Also, I like the fact that Hattori is very strict by the book ninja. One has to have rules to live by and if they alter those rules then they lose the respect of the people around them, including those they try to help.

If there was a flaw in his armor then it would be that Hattori expects everyone around him to live up to his high standards. That is not really fair to these friends as they have not taken on that kind of life.

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They do not have Hattori’s training to help them when those high expectations meet an equal and opposing force. But that flaw doesn’t stop me from making Ninja Hattori my favorite cartoon character.

Instead, his ideals help me to think and to study to see if there was a way to incorporate his standards into normal daily life. Also, trying to meet his standards is a challenge. I may not make it all the time but I feel that I have still accomplished something when I am done taking the challenge.

Then there is another cute characteristic in Hattori. It seems that despite his skills, intelligence, and good heart, he can be quite shy around girls. But for them who isn’t? I am shy around girls as well.

Maybe that is what attracts me to him. We share something in common. It is a weakness that has a very endearing quality about it. That leads me to another facet of his character that sends powerful positive vibes.

Hattori can be quite humble as he acknowledges that he has a lot to learn. I do to but I am not quite so humble where I can admit to it publicly We also differ in that he does not like trains. I love them and wish I could ride them all day.

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For an 11-year-old boy, Hattori certainly seems to have his life together and all figured out. For a short person, he stands tall and that is something else I like. He is not intimidated nor suffers from short man’s disease.

He seems to be able to accept the flaws in others and treats most people very well. That is another aspect of life I challenge myself to do. Accepting others and their flaws is difficult but Hattori seems to have conquered that issue already.

He is fun to watch and makes my entertainment time more enjoyable.

I hope you enjoyed reading this essay on Ninja Hattori, don’t forget to share your thoughts regarding this.

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