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By | February 22, 2020

Hello readers, today our essay presentation is on My Favourite Cartoon Character Chhota Bheem.

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If there is one characteristic I use to judge different cartoon characters, it is to see if they are relatable. If I can not really relate to them then I do not think they are very good fictional characters to waste time on.

This is a good criterion for me to use because there are just so many cartoon characters out there it would be hard to say which one is my favorite without that criterion helping me.


Although I am not a 9-year-old boy, I was a 9-year-old boy at one time and that helps me to relate to Chhota Bheem. Since we both have grown up in India, that makes him even more relatable to me. We share the same culture, the same ideologies and the same attitudes

When I was 9 I may not have been super strong but I still had some brains and a lot of enthusiasm to solve mysteries, solve problems and hate evil. That makes the Chhota Bheem character very relatable to me and I can see this character actually having a life.

I also like going on adventures when I was 9. Those adventures made my life more interesting and I learned a lot as I went through them. I see that same attitude in Chhota Bheem which is another reason why I like him so much.

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I may not have an arch-enemy as he does but I certainly face my share of bullies and mean people. I like how he handles himself in those situations and his actions give me food for thought.

It is doubtful that I could achieve the same results as he does but then I am not endowed with magical powers, incredible strength. Of course, people do not look up to me when they see what I do as a child.

But that is okay, I know Chhota Bheem is fictional and created for my entertainment. There are some other qualities I like in this character which makes Chhota Bheem my favorite. First, he does not let his gifts go to his head. He knows he was given gifts and uses those gifts well.

Second, he stands up for justice fighting injustice which is something we all should be doing in our own little worlds. Third, he helps the poor, the needy, and those who can’t help themselves. Those are very attractive qualities that I admire.

Another reason he is my favorite cartoon character is that he is not afraid. He stands up to the bad elements in his world and does not back down. The hat is very admirable. One thing that is funny is his love for laddus.

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These laddus are supposed to give him his extra strength and that part of his character remind me of an American cartoon character named Popeye. I only saw a few Popeye cartoons but in them when he is down and out, Popeye would reach for some Spinach and gobble it up.

Once the spinach was eaten, he became super strong and defeated his enemies. These two characters make me think that those strength inducing foods were a part of the creators’ desire to encourage children to eat vegetables and other healthy food. It is a thought to think about.

Anyways, what I really like about Chhota Bheem is that he never loses. If you are going to be a childhood hero or any hero you cannot lose. Even though in real life that is not a possibility, it does inspire one to be their best and to try their best no matter the situation, even when defeat looms.

A little inspiration goes a long way and Chhota Bheem provides that inspiration. That is probably my final reason why he is my favorite cartoon character. You need the inspiration to meet the world had on and succeed.

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I hope you like the essay on Chhota Bheem, if so then let me know in the comment section.


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