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In this essay presentation, we are going to see an essay on my favourite cartoon character Micky mouse.

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micky mouse essay

Childhood is full of options. When school is out, we get to sleep in, do what we want, within reason, and we get to watch a lot of television. On t.v. there are a lot of cartoon programs to watch.

Some are funny, some are boring and some can be downright insulting and it is a good thing that I can control the remote when those latter shows come on. One of the cartoons shows that stand out and quickly became my favorite is the one starring Mickey Mouse.

If a mouse can have a fan club and a television show called The Mickey Mouse Club hosted by Mouseketeers, he can’t be all that bad. I am aware that he has a long history and that the cartoons I see were made in the last century but those facts do not diminish the quality of the cartoons

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Plus, Mickey comes with a host of supporting characters that make watching him so much fun. These other characters, like Donald Duck, Pluto, and so many others just add to the quality of the show. Like Mickey, they all have their own personalities that are unique and distinctive.

Their adventures together show true friendship, healthy competition and the fact that they stand by each other through the bad times make Mickey and his gang all the more enduring.

For a person like me, those positives make my childhood seem a lot better than it really was. It is fun to come home from school and turn the television set on. I usually make it home just in time to see the Mickey Mouse cartoons.

It is a highlight of my day as I laugh till it hurts. The times after school certainly make up for any bad day I had when I was at school. They get rid of my anger, fears, and frustrations as I am able to laugh by watching the antics of Mickey Mouse and his gang.

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The Mouseketeers were okay but I don’t tune in to hear them sing or talk. For me, I want to see the talking mouse who has great adventures. I knew he isn’t real but that is just one of the enduring qualities that attract me to him.

I could pretend that he is real and that made watching him a lot more fun. I also liked the fact that he got a girlfriend. If a talking mouse could have one that meant there is hope for me.

Minnie Mouse is another good, positive character that helps make Mickey’s cartoons better. They seemed a bit more realistic and grown-up when she was added to the cast.

Mickey’s cartoons help fuel my own creativity. They help me develop my own imagination which takes me on my own adventures when I go to bed to get a little sleep. Inspired by Mickey’s escapades I dream up my own as I a lay there waiting to drift off to sleep.

Sometimes Mickey would be a part of my adventures, other times it is me against the world or me and my friends seeking some lost treasure. No matter which adventure I dream up to think about, Mickey’s influence was a part of them.

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We have fun together and when it is raining out, those days just seemed less boring when his show is on television. Those cartoons certainly help time speed by. I guess what really attracts me to his cartoons was how they are made.

These are good, clean cartoons that entertain. They are made to be fun and they succeeded in those goals. I was entertained without having more worries added to my problems.

That is one thing that makes Mickey’s cartoons so good. They are just pure fun and that is what a kid like me needs at this time in his life.

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