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One of the more interesting aspects of cartoon characters is that they can be endowed with adult capabilities and abilities even though they are supposed to be children. It never ceases to amaze me at how these cartoon figures can be so smart, strong, and capable even though they are not over 10 years old.

Shinchan is one such character. I could never possess the capabilities and abilities he has when I was 5 years old. When Shinchan is kicked out of his home for not eating vegetables, a crime in today’s real world, he goes to his friend’s house and watches tv.

I would be too scared to do that if I was 5 years old and told my mother to leave the house. I would sit on the front step afraid to make any move because I would be alone in a very risky area.

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Also, Shinchan has no fear which makes him a better person than I even though he is only a fictional character. He is able to walk the streets, go on shopping errands for his mother and return home without being afraid or scared of anything. That is something else I could not do as a 5-year-old.

What I see in Shinchan that makes him my favorite cartoon character is that he has abilities, etc., that I never had, and wished I did have like a 5-year-old child. One thing we do share though is our inability to be understood.

This was a character flaw that was endearing, not off-putting. Shinchan looked human because of this problem and it helped me to relate to him a lot better. He is difficult to understand because the character is written and voiced from a Japanese point of view.

There are a lot of Japanese words he uses that just cannot be translated into another language. Plus, he is 5 and he does not understand all the meanings of the words he uses. His inappropriate use is funny but makes one scratch their head in bewilderment.

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A similar reaction I got as a child from my friend’s parents and other adults. Another flaw that helps me like this character is his ability to misunderstand an instruction and then go off thinking he knows what to do. As a 5-year-old boy I did some of the exact same things.

Unfortunately, my results were real and not so good. They also can’t be erased or forgotten like Shinchan’s can. He is luckier than I as when he is punished he does not get hurt. Sadly, my seat of learning hurt quite a bit when the belt of knowledge was applied to it.

But that difference wasn’t enough to dissuade me from making him my favorite cartoon character. Instead, it helped me identify with him more as we both have our own problems and character flaws.

I can only laugh at his lack of tact when he asks inappropriate questions of adults. I do not know how many times I did that. I laugh even harder when I recall some of their facial expressions when they heard my questions.

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If there was a character quality I did not like about Shinchan, it is that he doesn’t age. No matter how much time passes, he remains 5 years old. Unlike me, who ages with every passing year.

Sometimes I wish I could stop time and keep from aging. But then I think, it would not be a good life being stuck at the age of 5 for the rest of my life. So I guess I have something better than Shinchan has.

I get to grow up and see what the good things he brings to my life when I need some healthy entertainment. Also, I get to do adult things he will never be able to do.

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