Write a Letter to the Municipal Officer for Regular Water Supply


In this era of all-around digitalization, letter writing has almost gone extinct. But for official purposes, formal letters are still written.

Due to this tendency, official letters are still very relevant for English comprehension test purposes. Keeping this relevance in mind, here comes our today’s session on writing official letters to the municipal officer for regular water supply.

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Example 1

Question: Suppose, you’re facing serious trouble in your school due to irregular water supply, Write a letter to the municipal officer of your school area explaining your issue and look for some permanent solution.

Hints: Facing problem in school- Had one dedicated pipeline- Affected due to construction work- Water coming through the general pipeline- Going out of usable water after 12- No drinking water refilling- Students stopped attending school- Ask for a solution.

Suresh Mukherjee Road, Nabinpally
Kolkata: 700114


September 2, 2020

The Officer-in-Charge
Kolkata Municipal Corporation
3/1 Nalinipukur Road
Kolkata: 700002

Subject: Facing problem in school due to irregular water supply


I am a student of class 10 from Nabinpally Boys’ high school. Today I am writing this letter to bring under your kind concern that we are facing serious problems due to irregular water supply in our school. 

We had one dedicated pipeline for continuous water supply in our school. But as a bridge construction work was started in our adjacent road, that dedicated pipeline has been damaged. We are now getting water supply from an alternative pipeline dedicated to the local households. Due to this, most of the time, we are not getting water in our school. No matter it’s drinking water or for something else, every day after 12 noon our school is completely going out of water. Many students have even stopped coming to school because of it.

Through this letter, I am requesting you earnestly to resolve this issue and save us from this menace by restoring a regular water supply for our school.

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Yours Sincerely,
Saswata Dutta

Example 2

Question: You are facing tremendous problems in your house due to a very irregular water supply. Write a letter to the municipal officer of your area explaining your trouble and ask for some solution.

Hints: House in a narrow lane- Connected through a small supply line- Damaged for unknown reasons- Water leaking-  Not getting regular supply- Tried to report- Nobody responded- Request for solution

2/61 Bablapur
Durgapur, West Bengal

June 23, 2021

The Officer-in-Charge
Durgapur Municipal Corporation
City Centre, Durgapur
West Bengal 713216

Subject: Poor water supply is creating major problems


I am a resident of the Bablapur area, word no. 17 that comes under Durgapur Municipal Corporation. This letter to you is intended to attract your attention to the issue we are facing due to irregular water supply in our house.

My house number is 2/61 and it is located inside a narrow lane beside the main street. The municipal water supply pipeline that connects our house with the main pipeline is damaged due to some unknown reason. That damage is leading to major water leakage on the street continuously. As a result, we are not getting a proper water supply since last week. 

We have tried to contact the corporation multiple times over the phone but nobody responded to our issue. Through this letter, I want to earnestly request you to look into this matter and please take immediate steps to resolve this issue and ensure a regular water supply to our house.

Yours Sincerely,
Rumi Bannerjee

Example 3

Question: In your locality, you face severe problems due to irregular water supply especially during the summer. Write a letter to the municipal officer of your locality explaining the issue you are facing and talk about the reasons and suggest some possible way forward. 

Hints: Deal with water problems throughout the year- In summer problems at their peak- Inadequate water supply- Dependence on public tap water- Create major issue- Request for solution

72A Bottola Road, Uttarpara

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February 18, 2021

The Officer-in-Charge
Hooghly Chinsurah Municipality
Mahendra Mitra Road, Pipulpati
West Bengal 712103

Subject: Face problem due to irregular water supply in summer


I am a resident of Bottola road, Uttarpara, today writing this letter to report the issue of irregular water supply we face especially during the summer season.

In our locality, we always have to deal with some kind of water problem throughout the year. But during the summer, this issue of water hits its peak. In our area, every house does not have a dedicated water supply line. That’s why most of us have to depend on the public water taps. But throughout the year we get water from those taps only twice a day for 3 hours each time. But in summer, we get water supply once a day for four hours. This creates a tremendous problem of water scarcity in our area during summer. So, as the summer is going to appear soon, we are quite worried about this issue. 

Through this letter, I would like to request you help us in this matter and take immediate steps from the municipality to mitigate our problem that we do not have to deal with the issue of water scarcity again this summer. 

Yours Sincerely,
Aditya Bansal

Example 4

Question: The water supply pipeline in your area has been damaged due to the last cyclone. Write a letter to the municipal officer addressing the issue and ask to get it fixed as you are not getting a regular water supply due to it.

Hints: Main supply line got damaged in cyclone- Alternative line created- Damaged line still not repaired- Inadequate water supply- Water crisis in the area- Request to take immediate steps

21, Kathgola Road, Ghola
Kolkata: 700110

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July 11, 2020

The Officer-in-Charge
Panihati Municipality
Kolkata: 700110

Subject: Damaged supply line is causing irregular supply


I live at 21, Kathgola road Ghola am facing severe issues due to damaged water supply line in the last cyclone that is causing very irregular water supply.

The last cyclone that hit our city has severely damaged some major water supply lines in our locality.  Due to this, we had to deal with 6days completely out of water supply after the cyclone. After six days, an alternative supply line was created from the municipality and we were told that the main supply line will be restored within a few weeks. But it has been two months after the cyclone and still, the damaged supply line has not been repaired. Due to this, we get very inadequate and irregular water supply from that temporary alternative line. This issue has created a severe water scarcity in our locality.

So, I want to request you through this letter to look into this matter and take some immediate steps required to resolve our issue permanently.

Yours Sincerely,
Barun Goswami

That was all about our presentation on writing formal letters to the officer of the municipality for regular water supply. Through each letter written above, I have tried to show you how you can write a formal letter on any topic related to this issue.

Hopefully, after going through this session, you can write such a letter on your own. If you still have any doubts regarding this, post them in the comment section below. I’ll be happy to resolve your doubts. Besides, let us know your valuable opinion about this session. Also, you can take a tour of our website where you’ll find hundreds of such English comprehension tests.

Thank you. See you again, soon.