Write a Letter to Municipal Commissioner about the Problem of Street Dogs


Stray dogs are one of the most common animals found in the streets of the Indian subcontinent. Usually, they are quite loving animals and people care for them too. But sometimes, these street dogs also create severe trouble for civil lives.

These troubles can be of various types and are needed to be addressed as early as possible. Local self-governing organisations like Municipalities, Panchayats are responsible for the maintenance of street dogs in their respective areas.

In this session, you are going to learn how to write letters to the municipal commissioner about the street dogs problem in your streets. So, let’s get started.

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Example 1

Question: In your school area, you are recently facing several problems due to street dogs. Write a letter to the municipal commissioner local to your school explaining all the problems you are facing and ask for some solution. 

Hints: Familiar with stray dogs around school- Recently number increased- Bother while going and returning- Block the entrance- Keep barking- Attacked a student- Parents afraid- Request for action


Nabinumar Bose Sarani, Azad Nagar
Kolkata: 700114

September 19, 2021

The Commissioner
Kolkata Municipal Corporation
7/11 Chandrakona Road
Kolkata: 700002

Subject: Problems of stray dogs in the school area


I am a student of class 9, from Azad Nagar Boys’ High School, writing to you this letter to express my concern over an issue we are recently facing around our school area.

There has always been a significant number of stray dogs residing around our school area. We also love them, give them food and sometimes even play with them. But recently, the number of stray dogs has significantly increased in this locality. This sudden increase in the number of dogs is creating several troubles for us.

While going to and returning from school, these dogs bother us a lot. Moreover, they keep blocking the entrance of our school and bark almost all day. Their braking even interrupts our classes. A few days back, one of our junior students was even attacked by two dogs. He was somehow rescued but now all our parents are afraid to send us to our school.

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So, through this letter, I want to request you earnestly to look into this matter and take some immediate steps to revive the ideal atmosphere around our school.

Yours Sincerely,
Animesh Banerjee

Example 2

Question: Recently, in your locality, stray dogs are dying abnormally. Write a letter to the local municipal commissioner of your area explaining the issue and ask for some viable steps.

Hints: Many stray dogs- Started dying- Dying every morning- Disturbing sight- Suspecting disease- Afraid of an outbreak- Request to take steps

2/61 Maladharpukur
North 24 Parganas, West Bengal

June 23, 2021

The Commissioner
Bongaon Municipality
SH 1, Bangaon
West Bengal 743235

Subject: Abnormal deaths of stray dogs


I am a resident of 2/61 Maladharpukur, ward no. 21, of Bongaon municipality. This letter tends to express my concern over an issue with the stray dogs we are recently facing in our locality.

Our locality is full of street animals. Most of them are stray dogs. People of this locality love them a lot and also take care of them. But recently we have been noticing abnormal deaths among these dogs since last month. A month back, after a few rainy days, we noticed one dog died on the street. But after that dog, almost 6 dogs have died consequently. Now almost every alternative morning, we see one or two dogs die on the streets. These kinds of sights are quite disturbing for us. We are suspecting some severe disease is responsible for the abnormal death of these dogs. Besides, we are afraid of some disease outbreaks in our area from these stray dogs. 

So, this is our earnest request to you to look into this matter and find some solutions to this problem.

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Yours Sincerely,
Rahul Chandra Dhar

Example 3

Question: You have recently noticed a large number of stray animals roaming around on the premises of the government hospital in your area. Write a letter to the local municipal commissioner expressing your concern regarding this issue and look for some solution. 

Hints: In the corridors of indoor and outdoor departments- Defecate here and there- Pull out certain hospital wastages- Risk of infections and disease outbreaks- Threat to the patients’ health- Actions required

55C Nabin Maira Road, Uttarpara

February 28, 2021

The Counsellor
Hooghly Chinsurah Municipality
Mahendra Mitra Road, Pipulpati
West Bengal 712103

Subject: Stray animals inside local government hospital premises


I live in Nabin Maira Road, Uttarpara, Ward no. 42. I am writing this letter to bring under your kind concern that recently we are facing issues due to stray dogs in our local hospital premises. 

Recently I have visited the public hospital in my locality where I noticed stray dogs are roaming around in the hospital premises in a significant number. They were all over the outdoor and indoor department corridors, even under the beds of admitted patients. The most concerning thing is they defecate here and there in the hospital that increases the risk of infections and disease outbreaks. Besides, they pull out certain hospital wastages from the dustbins and garbage bags. It is a significant threat to the health of the patients. 

Health should be the primary priority of any society, hence the government. So, after this letter to you, I hope the municipality will take the required steps to make the hospital stray dogs free and ensure our health safety.

Yours Sincerely,
Md Safiur Rahman

Example 4

Question: Recently you are facing severe problems in your locality due to an excessive number of street dogs. Write a letter to the local municipal commissioner complaining about the problems you are facing and ask for some solution.

Hints: Stray dogs have increased- food requirements increased- defecate in the streets- Dirty lanes- Attack people- Difficult to handle- Afraid of diseases- Required solution

6/305/1, South Station Road,
Kolkata: 700110

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December 11, 2020

The Commissioner
Panihati Municipality
Kolkata: 700110

Subject: Stray dogs creating problems in the area


I live in Sodepur south station road, ward number 14. I’m writing this letter today to complain about the excessive increase in the number of stray dogs in our area. 

We generally have a significant number of stray dogs in our area. I care for them too. We regularly feed them, try to keep them healthy and clean. But in the last 5-6 months, the number of these stray dogs has excessively increased in our locality. During the last breeding season, at least 15 new dogs have been born and now they are quite grown up. Naturally, their requirements for food have increased with the number as well. Besides, they defecate in the streets here and there and keep the streets utterly. We are now even being afraid of the outbreak of animal-borne diseases. 

So, through this letter, I want to request you to take adequate steps to shift these stray dogs and ensure our safety in the area.

Yours Sincerely,
Nikhilesh Ghosh

That was all about our presentation on writing official letters to the municipal commissioner about the street dogs problem in your street. In this session, I have tried to present a holistic overview of this topic through four different aspects. Hopefully, after going through this session, all your doubts regarding this topic have been resolved and now you will be able to write such letters on your own. If you still have any doubts, let us know that through some quick comments. I will try to attend to your query soon. Besides, if you want to have more such sessions, kindly take a tour of our website.