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Visiting a science exhibition is always a fun experience, in my school days even now, I visited so many science exhibitions, and learnt a new thing each time, today the topic of this essay presentation is same, My visit to a science exhibition.

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A science exhibition is held to show that education is not only a means to learn and write but to have a participation in the development of education. As it said, “action speaks louder than words”, so without practical or experiments it is difficult for children to learn and remember important things related to science.

It is held with the major motive to tell the children about the new technologies and things that they should know about science by attending seminars and exhibitions for increasing awareness and understanding within the children. They are organized by the school authorities.

Many children take part in the science exhibition in a group or individually and make a model related to science subject and present there. It becomes a place to have fun and enjoy it.


The teachers help the students who take part in it to guide about the model they want to present in the exhibition and tell them interesting and new things so that they attain knowledge and use them for their future. Science is a subject that has played it an important part in providing help to humans for reaching the moon, calculate the sea depth and many things about space.

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It is necessary to organize this exhibition in school at various levels to explain about the way science is effecting our lives with the advanced technology due to the difficulties that people go through, which are water crises, global warming, use of plastic, fuel usage, ways of communication and transportation.

Each and every room is beautified with wallpapers, models made from paper, wood and other materials. Various colorful charts are used in which, the drawings of the solar system, photosynthesis process, human body parts, and many other things are being explained.

There are new scientific fields presented to distribute the information about research scholars, posters are hanged on the wall with drawing of maps, diagrams and charts contain posters with quotations too. Various categories of bacteria, diseases, and remedies related to it are told.

Many new models of devices, machines, and gadgets are made with the usage of cells and wire. Children make the motor, they use water to show its working. People get to know various and new terms of science they should have known and it is a platform where children act as a teacher to explain their models and how they work, their history and lot more. The kind of model they make tells the level of their skills and intellectual aptitude.

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The day of the science exhibition promotes National Science Day in all the schools. They organized wonderful and interesting competitions with a quiz in which, they ask questions related to science and tell the important facts and points to remember.

It is the best way of encouraging the children or students towards the science world for generating curiosity into the minds of people and delightful surroundings.

Students are losing the efficiency of learning and writing so in order to make them remember everything science exhibition is needed at some level. Many people come to the exhibition and share their thoughts, ideas, and views with each other and discuss things with each other.

They also learn skills of leadership, management and cooperate with each other by working in a group and helping when in need. Some students are scared to speak in public so they practice to whatever they had to speak and this helps them in increasing their confidence in public speaking. It brings out the creativity hidden inside the students to give them an opportunity to think out of the box, like something new and different from everyone.

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A science exhibition also helps the students to battle with the problems in their life as they take an active part in it. Their participation tells their activeness and courage to take a role in the exhibition.

In the class, students grab the education from the book but, here the exhibition sets a practical example for them to build a habit of learning through the practicals. Their talent and achievements help them in attaining the success and assists the solutions for the society and challenges they are going to face in their day to day life.

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