An Essay on Panipuri [PDF]


Panipuri is a famous Indian street food full of tastiness. it is served with Khatta Pani and Aloo Kopta, today in this essay paper we are going to discuss an essay on this delicious street food panipuri. So let’s dive in!

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Pani Puri is also called by Puckha by some of the people. It is a cold snack with a sour taste of water made with a mixture of so many spices that add taste to it. It could be generally found nearby on thelas.

A person serving pani puri would take tiny-sized rounded pani puri and break it from the center through the point of the finger and stuff it with white boiled chickpeas and fill spicy water.

They will also put onion, mint, Tamarind chutney, chat masala, potatoes, and chilies inside it for making it more spicy and tasty to eat. They are cheaply available to buy and eat.


Pani Puris have a famous name, which is Golgappe because it is round in sphere shape. They are made from flour, rava, soda, and water. After some time, ghee is also used for deep frying them.

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They are made in large numbers then it could be easily be stored in a big-sized container. They are crispy and crunchy Puchka stuffed with so many ingredients. Pani puris are rich in dietary fibers as they help in the reduction of cardiovascular problems, patients going through diabetic issues and blood sugar.

There is folic acid present inside it, which is a vitamin necessary for women to intake, Vitamin C helps to guard against cold and coughs, iron and Vitamin B1 rich in maintaining the metabolism of your body.

It aids in the production of red blood cells and protects the nervous system of your body. It contains vitamins and minerals with a negligible amount of cholesterol with high fiber, energy, and proteins too.

Out of all the vitamins, folic acid is present in the highest quantity of 36 percent of the daily value and the least quantity of sodium in 1 percent only.

A single pani puri comprises an of total 329 calories in a spectrum of 207 calories of 38 calories in proteins and 82 calories of fat. Each of the ingredients used in making it has some good property to keep you fit and healthy as mint has inflammation property and rava is used for weight loss and it does not make pani puri heavy to eat and cause stomach problems.

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You can burn these calories through a lot of exercise like running, walking, cycling or swimming especially if you are a diet freak otherwise keep control of your cravings.

Pani Puri has always been on the list of my favorite food as it is a spicy snack for hunger and would be appropriate if you eat it only during evening time as it does not suits in lunch and dinner because it is a snack.

It is a mixture of spices and a combination of different flavors catering relishing taste on your tongue, so you have options of other flavors too. Flavors like Khatta, Meetha, Mint, Pudina, and many other flavors are available.

Pani Puri could also be consumed without water by stuffing only with chickpeas, tamarind chutney, onions, chilies and curd that gives a sweet taste for the people who love this kind of taste.

They have a tangy flavor with Khatta, meetha, and teekha that is all in one. For stuffing, you can also put sprouted moong, boiled white or black chickpeas, chopped coriander leaves and ice cubes are optional to add in pani puri spicy water.

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Sometimes the sellers of pani puri crush it and sprinkle it over the Aaloo chaat for better taste and crunch part. Cumin powder (Jeera), Chaat masala, black salt or else you could use normal salt to add the taste to it.

Hence, Pani puri is a tasty and yummy snack to put an end to your cravings but on the other hand, it is also harmful to your health if you eat it on a daily basis.

The spicy taste could cause inflammation inside the body sometimes and could lead to intense coughing for a longer duration. Children should be advised not to eat it in an excessive amount because they can get cold and cough too. So, one would not be able to avoid such a tasty and spicy flavored snack when it gives a spectrum of flavors on your tongue.

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