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Parents are the first teacher of our life, they taught us several survival plans so that we can take care of everything, they are precious gems. Today this essay paper topic is on “My Parents”, so let’s dive into the essay!

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Two people that I look up to and respect a lot are my parents. I have never seen anyone as hardworking and good-hearted as my parents. Since my childhood, my parents have always provided me with every single thing that I’ve ever needed and there has never been a shortage of facilities or materials at our home.

Both of my parents had to struggle a lot growing up. My father was the son of an accountant and my grandfather took every step he could to provide my father with the best education possible and he always encouraged my father to pursue his interests and hobbies in life.

Similarly, my mother was supported to pursue a career and attend college at least before marriage. Although my parents got engaged and married quite early in their life, they supported each other’s interests and did their post-graduation after their marriage.

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As a child, my parents never tried to stop me from trying new things. They always supported me and sent me to learn various art forms and dance classes growing up.

Due to their persistence and support, I am now a part of my school dance team and my skills as a painter are used whenever we have to decorate the school for any fest or event.

My father is a chemical engineer and he works as his department supervisor. He always helps me whenever I get stuck while solving my maths homework and helps me understand the concepts more clearly. My mother is a singer and she is also a music teacher at my school.

She teaches from classes three to eight. My mother always helps me whenever I have a doubt in my chemistry or biology studies as my mother loves science and studied with psychology as her major in university.

While my father grew up in a family with eight siblings, five brothers, and three sisters, my mother was the only child in the household. So when she got married to my father and started living at the house, she found few siblings of her own.

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She particularly bonded with my aunt in-laws and my grandfather from my father’s side. My grandfather had always my mother’s melodious voice and her amazing range of music that she could sing. She also knows how to play various instruments now, such as the guitar, the piano, synthesizer, and even the drums.

Meanwhile, my father does not sing at all, but he knows how to play the tabla and together, they make the perfect musical pair. Despite all the musical talents present in my family, I unfortunately neither have a melodious voice to sing with, nor the talent of playing any instrument. On the complete opposite side of the spectrum, I love to dance. And despite our various differences, my parents always encourage me to do both, dance and sing.

I cannot imagine ever living without my parents. They make me feel the happiest. While my mother scolds me a lot and even punishes me occasionally, my father never shouts at me. He always tries to talk with patients and make me understand what I did wrong and I should not repeat my actions again.

He makes me stop crying whenever my mother scolds me and makes me understand why she was scolding me with a proper explanation. But there is only one instance when my father does not behave leniently. He does not tolerate the wastage of food.

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So whenever I fuss about any particular dish or try to avoid eating any particular vegetable because I don’t like how it tastes, he becomes strict and makes sure that I eat all of my food. He says that every piece of food that we eat should be treated with respect and that we should try to avoid being picky eaters.

My father has been a great teacher for me growing up. With his help, I have learned how to ride bicycles, how to play football, how to plant a garden and take care of flowers in the summer. He has also taught me how to cut onions without crying and how to make a simple dish known as egg omelet.

Both my parents inspire me a lot and I strive very hard every day just so I can make them feel proud about their child someday.

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