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my school

My school is one of the best schools in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. The name of my school is Kendriya Vidyalaya, located in the core of the region. It is located in Aliganj and is affiliated to the CBSE Board. It is administered by the Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan situated in New Delhi controlled by the Ministry of Human Resource Development.

It is a co-educational school aiming at the changing moral values of the society that serves the education to the students whose parents are in defense or military.

It has connectivity with the National Council of Educational and Research Training (NCERT) that provides the essential courses in the curriculum in the courses to study for the development of the child. It provides important instructions for the schools to follow up, which are in connection with it. My school was established many years back ago with strict rules and regulations for every student to follow.


Every year the students of class Xth and XIIth give the AISEE examinations for the science stream of 11th and 12th class with subjects of biology, computers, maths, informatics and combined with linguistic languages of Hindi and English. The school opens the admission vacancies in the month of March every year for the students of LKG and 1st Class only.

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The guidelines for the admission process are given by the month of February’s first week only. They give admission to the child on the basis of priority and merit list. The working system of the school is punctual as it opens daily at 7 0’clock in the morning and closes at 2 0’clock in the afternoon.

It is a well-disciplined school with highly experienced teachers and good communication skills. They interact with every student to help them in understanding the basic concepts of every subject. They make every child feel stress-free so that he or she would not hesitate to clear his or her doubts or any confusion when in need.

They work with each and every child and helps them in their personality development and make sure they bring out the best in themselves with high intelligence and confidence.

Kendriya Vidyalaya is not only famous for providing quality education to the students but also stands proudly in the title of having perfect school infrastructure for the betterment of the children. It provides well-constructed buildings with a clean environment and pure air for the children to breathe in fresh and unpolluted surroundings.

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They have perfectly constructed labs for the science stream students. The science lab is well equipped with apparatus and other objects to be used for performing the experiments by the school. They are shown experiments by the teachers and explained regarding every apparatus they would use in preparing the solutions to find out the conclusions to their experiment.

They provide separate practicals files to the students so that they can note down the aim of the experiment, apparatus they need to use for the experiment, objective, which is the reason why they are performing it, procedure, to tell the way or method for how to add solutions, test them and then lastly find their solutions.

They have smart classes for the students so that they could learn attractive things and interact with basic important things in their surroundings. In these classes, a projector is kept that shows the PowerPoint presentations with the help of images, videos, and written points in short so that students could adapt fast learning skills and remember always.

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The computer labs are filled with computers proper working conditions connected with CPU (Central Processing Unit) and UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) in case the electricity goes off. It prevents the interruption in the working of students in the computer labs.

There are so many multimedia objects in the computer lab other than computers to teach the students how they are put to use. The maths lab for the students consists of shapes of circles, squares, rectangles covered with colorful papers and cardboard with given sides of length breadth and height.

There are many cubes and different shapes. Formules are written on the charts stacked on the wall. Pictures of various scientists and mathematicians are hanged on the wall. Hence, my school has all the infrastructural facilities and is the most reputed school having more than a single branch in each region.

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