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Colour is the only thing that can change our mindset, give us happiness, in today’s essay I will pick pink as my favorite color. I hope you like this essay presentation.

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I see my favorite color everywhere. From the color of the sky to the cheeks to my friend, pink. It is a color that has been one of my favorites for as long as I remember.

Earlier, My notebook covers, my shoes, and my paintings, all used to be pink in color. But now, even my wardrobe, my walls, and my bedsheets are pink.

Most days, I use different shades of pink according to how I am feeling on that day. I use light pink things on the days I feel nice and playful. I use bright pink things on the days when I want to look pretty and bright because I think it is a beautiful color.


I use dark pink things on the days when I feel sad or bad about something and I use shiny pink things when I want to celebrate or when I am very happy.

Some people say that they do not l e pink as they say that it is a color only for girls. They say that pink is only used by stupid and dumb girls who are not intelligent. But they do not understand the simple thing that it is only a color and nothing else.

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You are not dumb or stupid just because you like one color. And for those who enjoy the color pink, I feel that you should not listen to what others think about you. You should not change your favorite color because someone else said it is not a nice color.

I also know a lot of history about the color such as Pink is a mix of white and red. The name comes from the flower called pink and it only came into use around the late 17th century.

Pink as a color is said to show that a person is loving, nice, charming, sensitive, sweet, caring, kind and soft in nature according to the information I found. And when it is mixed with the color white, it means that a person is innocent, pure and childlike.

Different tones of pink are used all around the world. Rosa or rose is the name used to call pink in most European countries because they see it in the pretty rose plant.

In Japan, the Japanese think about the seasonal cherry blossoms that fill up the air during spring because they are pink in color. The Japanese language uses different names for the pinks of peach blossoms and cherry blossoms so that know which plant is of which color.

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In Andhra Pradesh, India, the people like the color pink quite a lot because of the exotic pink greater flamingos who come to their town seasonally.

For me, Pink is a color that means that every person who likes pink is made of sugar, spice, and everything nice.

The color can be found in pink sapphire stones and sandy sea beaches. It is also seen in ice creams and milkshakes to give a flavor of strawberries, raspberries or bubble gum.

From fruits and crystals to flowers and stones, the color pink can be found in each of them. When we feel shy or excited, our faces are said to turn pink as we blush. When perfume has a floral scent, then at that time the company put these perfumes in pink containers to show how nice and beautiful the scent can be.

The color pink is also used a lot in the English language as idioms and expressions. Firstly there is an idiom, In the pink. It means something or something is at the best of their condition or in top form.

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For example, I am in the pink of health means I am completely fine and healthy. Then comes the idiom, to see pink elephants. It means when one person has a lot of imagination. Thirdly, Pink slip.

The word first started off at the United States of America where it is being used as an idiom, it simply means to have gotten fired from one’s job or when everyone else leaves you and you feel alone. Following that, there is a phrase used in American companies known as  “pink-collar worker”.

A pink collar worker means people who work in industries or jobs that usually are meant to be jobs for women. And at last comes the short phrase, to be Tickled pink. It means when you feel very happy and joyful in life.

Some may say it is a color only for girls, some may call it childish, but for me the color pink means happiness. It is a color that is full of joy and makes me feel good. I love pink because it is my favorite color.

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