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Colours are part of our happiness, it gives us positive vibes, so in today’s essay presentation, we are going to covering an essay on Color Pink!

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Fruity, mellow and bubbly.

The colour orange describes me perfectly. Since I was a baby, my favourite colour has been orange. My notebook covers every year, my favourite fruit and now the colour of my pencil box, all of then are orange.

Orange is a colour that is loved by all. It makes people feel good, warm and cosy.

For me, orange reminds me of the season autumn or fall. I love watching the orange dried leaves falling from trees and falling on the ground every year. The ripe and huge orange pumpkins ready to be used for Halloween are my favourites and I love watching sunsets where the sky is orange in colour.


Just thinking about orange makes me want to eat the fruit. Even though the fruit can be both sour and sweet at times, I really like to eat it.

Many people say that the colour orange makes them think of success, warmth, goodness, generosity, cleverness, and excitement among others. As it is a combination of the colours yellow and red, it is used by painters to make beautiful paintings.

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In my house, all my plates, water bottles, toys and the carpet in my room are also made of orange colour. Orange is also declared as the national colour of the Netherlands. The middle traffic light is orange in colour in France.

I have a dream that one day I can create a world full of orange just like a chocolate world factory from the book Charlie and the chocolate factory written by Roald Dahl. In my dream, once you enter the orange world, you can see that everything is made out of orange things.

The sky is orange in colour and made out of orange cotton candy clouds. A river flows by which is made out of orange juice. In the wonder orange land, there will be houses made out of orange-flavoured chocolates and playgrounds made of orange toffees and chewing gums. Trees are made out of orange candy sticks and popcorn made out of orange flavour that is made like grass. What a beautiful world that would be!

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Orange is a very bright colour, that is why orange is used to make traffic signs as it can be seen from far away. It is also used to makes advertisements so that people turn and look at it. Orange colour coats are worn by traffic police in some parts of the world so that they can be seen from afar.

It is also the colour used while making hazard cones and in inflatable life rafts that can be found on aeroplanes, ships, and other places as well.

It’s my favourite pass time to note information about the colour orange such as, that there are many shades of orange. Here is some example about the different shades of orange that I know about: there is a dark orange shade that is usually known as terracotta or cayenne orange, then there is a reddish-orange colour known as persimmon, a class is an orange colour known as pumpkin, then a yellowish-orange Colour known as mango, a pinkish-orange colour known as salmon orange and a light orange colour known as melon orange.

Out of all these, my favourite shade is persimmon orange because it is very bright orange and I love bright colours. When I was younger I used to only like classic orange or pumpkin orange but now I have started liking all the different shades as well. I now have a plan to buy persimmon orange sunglasses before my summer vacations start this year and I am so excited.

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When I grow up, I want to buy my own orange-coloured car. I will also ask for an orange bicycle once I learn how to ride cycles.

For Holi this year, everyone was putting colours like pink, blue, yellow, green and red. But I went to play Holi with six packets of just orange colour powder and put one packet of colour on myself only.

Once I grow up and buy my own house, I will paint all the walls in my house orange. My parents do not let me put orange paint on our walls right now but when I get my own house I will paint them orange!

So how was this essay on my favourite colour orange? Please don’t forget to share your thoughts on the comment section.

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