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Strong. Power. Anger.

All these remind me of my favourite colour. Red is the colour of the lava when a volcano erupts. It is the colour that is used to show if something is spicy or when something is hot.

Spotting any red clothes makes some bulls behave in a crazy manner. Red is a primary colour that can be mixed with other colours and used to create other colours. Some think that the people who really like the colour red are leaders, loving, get angry fast,  can be shy and they are very strong.

The colour red is used to celebrate in a number of festivals as well. We start our year off with valentine’s day, it is a festival of love and friendship. On Valentine’s day, you can see red-coloured gifts and decorations everywhere.


From red roses to red hearts and red teddy bears to red cards, you have it all. And at the end of our year, we celebrate with Christmas. From Santa Clause’s red and white clothes and the red berries, we find on the mistletoe plant used to decorate to Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, red can be seen everywhere.

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In Spain, the towns are painted red every year during the festival of tomatoes, were ripe and unripe tomatoes are smashed and thrown from person to person to celebrate another year of harvest.

Red as a colour has been used a lot around the world in different cultures and kingdoms by the royal families. Red also shows a feeling of pride. While in general red means loss or the colour of blood, in earlier days it was used for special titles and made from natural resources.

In ancient Egypt and ancient Mexico, people used red paint to decorate themselves before any celebration. In ancient Europe, the Greeks and the Romans celebrated after winning wars by painting the bodies of their army generals red to show that they are brave and courageous.

Coming east, Earlier in China, red was the only colour allowed to be used to colour works of pottery and to paint and decorate the royal palaces and special gates in and around China.

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During earlier years in France, red was the colour most used to colours the clothes of the rich and royal families. Hence, the colour red could not be used by other people and other families.

After that, around the year 1900,  red colour was made out of chemicals, after which the colour red stopped being made out of natural substances. Red as colour shows courage, danger, and sacrifice due to its relation to blood. The colour red is used to show feelings such as Anger, madness, rage, love, confusion, and joy.

Meanwhile, In Asia, countries like India, China, and others, say that red means good fortune and luck and are used in their festivals such as lunar new year and Durga puja with the colour red.

Though I have changed a lot growing up, red remains my favourite colour even after all this time. Growing up, I would see red for bad characters as most of my cartoons and comics showed the villains and demons being red in colour. But I do not think the same thing so my love for the colour stays. Among so many colours, no other colour is as useful and strong as red.

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 It also means that a person who likes red can be a proud person and they can be rude also.  Though some people think it is not a nice colour, it describes me as a person perfectly.

Having grown up with red cars and red watches to now owning red shoes and red caps. Though every other part of my life may change, I will love réd forever. As a child, I always dreamed about using a red pen that is used by teachers.

Some people say it is a bad colour, some say it is a good colour. But for me, it is my all-time favourite colour.

How was the essay on Colour Red? I hope you enjoyed reading the essay if so do comment your thoughts below in the comment section.

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