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As a child, one of the things I have discovered is that not all good cartoons come from America. There are a lot of good cartoons and cartoon characters that are created by innovative and creative people all over the world.

One of those cartoons and cartoon characters is Doraemon. He was created in Japan by a Japanese artist for the Japanese audience. But that was a little short-sighted as this character has obtained a global audience.

He was also appointed to being Japan’s anime ambassador about 2 years ago. But those aren’t the reasons why he became my favorite cartoon character. There are a lot more human-like qualities that make him adorable and very attractive.


One of the first qualities I noticed about him was that he was very honest. Maybe that quality was instilled into Doraemon because the Japanese do not like to lose face, but I do not care. Honesty is always the best policy and having a cartoon character teach it helps reach a lot of kids. I included.

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Another attractive quality he has is his willingness to help his best friend get out of trouble. Even when it is Nobita’s fault, Doraemon is always there to right the wrong and make sure his friend is not harmed.

Doraemon makes sure he teaches Nobita a lesson after each rescue but that is another good quality found in his character. Teaching the right and honorable lessons is a great way to build character in two people. The teacher is one and the student is the other.

Having a character builds up an honest attitude and gives it more credibility. The fact that Doraemon comes from the future does not bother me. Scientists say that time travel may be possible so this part of the cartoon is not unrealistic or absurd.

The reason he was sent back is also very commendable and attractive. The great, great-grandson of Nobita was concerned about his ancestor and sent Doraemon back to help him out.

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Even though there is a tinge of selfishness in that act, the good motive overshadows the bad. Through Doraemon’s time travel, we can see that maybe the great, great-grandson was a little embarrassed by his ancestor, Nobita.

The latter character is lazy and always looking for a simple solution instead of the right one. Also, Nobita suffered a lot from bullying a situation that influenced his bad decisions.

The great, great-grandson was not just thinking about himself when he sent Doraemon back in time. He was thinking of Nobita’s other descendants as well. This attitude makes both characters very endearing.

The robot cat, Doraemon, is assigned to help Nobita out and the male cat is faithful as well as obedient. Those top qualities also contribute to my making the cat my favorite cartoon character.

His attitude makes me wish I had a cat to help me out sometimes. Then Doraemon comes with a lot of futuristic gadgets that help make the adventures more entertaining.

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These gadgets have a wide range of purposes and even though Nobita continues to use them, Doraemon seems to have an endless supply of forgiveness. That quality is another good one to like this cartoon character.

You really can’t ask for a better cartoon figure than Doraemon. He never seems to get angry and he always knows the right solution for the situation. Yet it seems strange to me that not everyone likes this cat.

The Chinese claim he was a cultural subversive character which doesn’t make sense because all Doraemon does is help others. The Chinese perspective does not influence my liking Doraemon.

He is a good cat who knows his mission and sticks to it. Plus he is honest and smart. Those are things I really like in a person whether they be cartoons or real people.

How was the essay on Doraemon? I hope you like it if so let me know in the comment section.