An Essay on My Favourite Fruit Apple [PDF]


It has been rightly said that “An apple a day, keeps a doctor away”, which is one of the prominent reasons why Apple is my favourite fruit.

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Apples are round in shape, of red colour containing a high quantity of juice mixed with high fibres. This is a fruit which is sweet in taste and edible for everyone. An Apple is one of the healthiest fruit a person would consume for the betterment of his or her health.

Apple has a total of 130 calories for serving the size of a single apple. The insoluble fibre present in an apple is vital and effective for the body as it does not mix with the water.

Apples are available in various sizes with varieties in number for being used for different purposes of extraction, skin, chewing and drinking juice. It has a god absorbent ability to push the food instantly from the digestive part inside the body.


It has multiple uses and comes with a kind of benefits for kids, females and aged people. The dietary fibre is soluble that helps the body from the high cholesterol level inside the blood vessels to prevent the problem of cardiac diseases.

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Apples are really helpful to those patients suffering from the issue of asthma and to most of the people going through the problems of anaemia and many other problems.

They are having resistance in combating with many diseases and with dietary fibre that helps in preventing the bowel and constipation problems. Due to the presence of this fibre, it helps cancer patients to fight from this disease too.

An apple is a fruit, which is pome in nature having its outer part protected from the thin layer due to this reason it is known by Pome fruit. It has tiny seeds that are kept within the centre of an apple.

There are so many apples in the world with different quality and variety of taste but as certain they used for commercial purposes too that is the reason they are cultivated in large numbers. Their cultivation requires a large field with the large distance of each stem implanted inside the soil.

However, it must be weird to realize that it does not require seeds to grow the fruit, which is due to possessing variation in the quality of the apples. The seeds of the apple fruit and sown in the soil in order to get a good quality of fruit.

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Then after, its stem is used in growing other fruit by sowing it again into the soil. It looks like a process, which is surprising but it is very amazing to transfer the one root into another one.

Apples are normally grown in gardens due to the need for keeping large space. Every seed of an apple should be sown in a distance and must be taken care of in a very proper way to bear the fruits from 30 years to 40 years or so.

Apple fruit comes with so many advantages like the reduction of weight, keeps your heart healthy, reduce the high risk of diabetes, due to having the prebiotic effect it provides healthy bacterias, prevents cancer, fights asthma, helps in the growth of bones with well nutrition body, circulates proper metabolism and maintains the digestive system and lastly provides protection to your brain by vitamins and proteins present in it.

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Like two sides of every coin apple have health risks too like eating in excess may lead to gain heavyweight and is acidic in nature, the juice present inside it could damage your enamel.

A particular person should chew the fruit keeping in mind the minimum amount so that it should not harm your health and keep your body proper and fit.

In today’s time, the large number of apples have some pesticides inside them so they had to be certified organic before being commercialized into the market.

A child never gets tired and weak when he or she eats this fruit. It is a nutritional fruit with less harm to your body. So, all these are the reasons why apple is my favourite fruit among all other fruits that give proper strength to your body and makes it strong.

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