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A week back, a traveling circus troupe had landed into my town to showcase their magical performances at the local amusement park.

Within a day we witnessed a voluminous circus tent being set up along with other small tents of games and illusions beside it. As we could not contain our excitement any longer, I and my friends booked tickets for the show on their first day itself.

Have arrived before time, we got the privilege to occupy front row seats where we could watch the circus without any obstacles or hindrances in our way.


The show started off with the renowned magician Barbosa Ross introducing himself and his troupe of gymnasts, trapeze artists, dancers, and pet animals.

We sat and watched the spectacle in awe as the ginormous tent flooded with colorful streaks of lights and music while the introduction took place. Artists came flying on paper-thin ropes, dancing in the air performing aerial stunts. Suddenly, darkness engulfed the tent as all the acts disappeared from the stage.

When the flashlights came back on, there stood a lion at the center of the stage in all its magnificent glory. As the crowd gasped in wonder, the lion shook its thick mane and gazed intently at all of its on-lookers.

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Though we felt special and excited earlier about getting front row seats, the moment we saw the lion out in the open, we regretted our decision. While we started calculating and plotting ideas to run and avoid coming into the lion’s path if it went awry, the circus master started the performance.

We watched with disbelief as the stealth lion jumped through hoops of fire placed at a height with perfect precision and walked along the perimeter of the stage looking at the audience. Towards the end of his act, the lion showed off its power by letting out a booming roar and shaking its mane once again.

Next came in a mixed group of jugglers and dancers who weaved in and out of various formations and positions gracefully. Not one of them faltered or drop any of their props while performing.

Even though they kept juggling and dancing next to each other, they did not bump into each other even once. After a graceful and pinpoint show, the left giving up the stage to the world-famous magician.

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Barbosa Ross took onto the stage to perform some classic tricks with his assistant. From making a rabbit and bird appear from inside him a hat to cutting and sawing his assistant to halves, he portrayed them all.

The highlight of Barbosa’s performance was when he called on a random member of the audience and hypnotized them.

He proceeded to make the audience member perform mind-blowing card tricks and juggling balls by his instructions alone. And when the lady came back to consciousness, she claimed to remember none of the above ever happening.

After performing a few more intriguing tricks that left us amazed, Barbosa left the stage onto the extremely talented trapeze artists. A fast-paced musical track started as they swung around in the air, performing backflips and somersaults in the open air.

Every time one of them left the rope and jumped on to another, the audience watched with bated breath at their skills and bravery. Towards the end of their performance, two more aerial artists joined the act.

The tent went completely dark and only the spotlights shined in these artists as they glided through the air from above our heads, rotating and dancing in spirals with colorful ribbons accentuating their every move.

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They then proceeded to close the act with the famous soundtrack – Rewrite the stars from the screenplay – The greatest showman. And what a spectacular recreation it was!

Finally came in a pair of humongous elephants who balanced big bouncy rubber balls on the tips of their trunks and walked around the stage with their head in the air without colliding even once. As these majestic creatures moved around the stage gracefully, a monkey appeared to play and perform with them.

He zoomed and ran between the two, yelling war hoops and snatching their balls from them. He would keep taking the balls away to juggle them and the elephants would figure out ways to get them back. The expert act had all of us rolling with laughter and glee.

As the circus came to an end, the magician appeared on stage with the rest of the troupe to thank the audience for their support and appreciation. As they troupe started to leave, the entire tent starting applauding for the troupe. What a great circus it was!

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