An Essay on Visit to a Hill Station Darjeeling [PDF]


We all love to go to a hill station, I also, so today I came up with an essay presentation where I mention a visit to a hill station Darjeeling. I hope you like it!

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A trip to the hills is the best way to spend the summer vacations. Hailing from a city, I am growing up amidst the tall buildings, which Mumma says are known as the skyscrapers, I never saw hills in my life till now.

I and my younger sister always had a fascination with how the snow-cladded mountains with conifers looked like, do they really resemble the pictures those are there in our colouring book?

Finally, this year Dad planned the summer trip for Mumma, me and my sister to Darjeeling. It was a week’s vacation. I and sister jumped with joy and excitement. We started counting the days.


On the big day, we took the train to Kolkata, from there we had to board another train which took us to DARJEELING.  The Darjeeling railway station lies more than 2500 m above sea level, something which I and my sister were not able to imagine.

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My mother had told me to write a diary so that I and my sister can remember what all we did and which all the places we visited during the entire trip.  

Day 1, Dad told us we are going to the tiger hills, initially we were reluctant since we thought tigers must be roaming around. We started off the day quite early because the uncle in the hotel reception told that we can see the best sunrise view from the Tiger hills.  

But when we reached the place we were awestruck and spellbound with its beauty. The first rays of the sun hit the twin peaks of Kangchenjunga. The snow-capped mountain appears golden during the sunrise. It is indeed a picturesque view.

Then, we came down the hills and went for the ropeway trip. The scenic beauty of the view under us was amazing. We could see all the tea plantations.

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At the end of the day, Dad informed us that we will be visiting the highest railway station in India, the GHOOM, which is recognized as a world heritage by UNESCO.

Day 2, began when we left the hotel and went to the Darjeeling railway station to board the joy train to Ghoom station. The route and the journey both were breath-taking. When the train takes a curve, you can actually see the entire train.

I never saw something as beautiful in my entire life. After reaching Ghoom we visited two Buddhist monasteries, and those places were quite peaceful. We returned downhills the very next day.

We all were pretty tired and that was why we preferred staying in the hotel that day.

On the fourth day of our trip, we visited some places like the Himalayan Rock Institute, Nightingale park, and the tea plantation park. I and my sister experienced mountain climbing for the first time in the Himalayan Rock Institute. Mom and Dad bought tea packets from the plantation.

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We were sad, cause our trip was going to end in just the next two days. The fifth day of our trip was reserved for shopping. We bought souvenirs from the local markets for our relatives and friends.

The sixth day was all about recalling the very new memories and sadness of the ending of our much-awaited trip. We bid our goodbyes to the most beautiful place of our dream heavy heartedly, but the art of heaven, named as Darjeeling, will remain cherishable in our heart and brain forever.

I hope you enjoyed reading the essay. Please share your thoughts on the comment section.