Report Writing on World Environment Day Celebrated in Your School [With PDF]


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This Report Writing is Formatted for Class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12
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Example 1

Its Environment Day

By Shreya Singh

On 5th June 2019, our school celebrated the environment day. I was the head of the environment club of the school and I got several responsibilities, such as preparation of the to-do schedule and to guide all other students of the club to perform accordingly.

So to make the things fluent and easy for me I asked one of my friends who was also in the club to assist me. She helped me with what we can plan to do in the program.

Then accordingly we made the schedule. We have divided to make one Chorus to sing certain songs in the environment and we will assign a group to do certain dance performances and I and my friend will be the anchor in the event.

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Then we decided that we will take everyone to the main ground and will ask everyone to plant at least three plants on the sides of the ground. 

Then we submitted the list to the respected teacher and then they approved our schedule after making certain changes in the schedule. Then the preparation started for the event students started to prepare for the dance and song teachers started to do their preparation by calling the chief guest, principal and arranging for the seeds and saplings to be planted.

Then on the fifth of June, everything was set and the students were in proper school uniforms and well dressed. Then the event started. We were the hosts of the event and we started initializing the day we called the guests and inaugurated the program then the events were performed simultaneously after one by one.

Then everyone revived the samosas to eat and juice to drink. The principal and the guest told us about the importance of environmental safety. Then everyone planted a sapling and the event was successfully over.

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Example 2

Let’s Spread the Greens

By Akash Das, Secretary, Environment club

On 5th June 2019, our school has decided to organise the environment programme. It was a very successful program. On this day every year, the entire world celebrates the environment safety event.

Our school environment club has decided to organise a big event in this regard. Therefore the club in charges was assigned to bring out all the necessary details about the event that has to be performed and executed. The leader of the club was assigned to give a speech on the world environment day.

And all the other member students of the club were assigned to do dancing and singing activities. The students started preparing for the event, they started making posters, quotations started decorating the stage and the other places of the campus the main thing that they mentioned in their preparation as they didn’t use and materials which can harm the environment they have used all the environment-friendly products in the decoration so the environment can be saved. 

On the day of the event, all the students came early in the morning and started preparing for the day. Then they gave a warm welcome to the guests and to all the other students and teachers. Then the event started and different forms of dance and songs were performed.

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They have practised for those events for a month. Then the chief guest Dr. Manisha Uppal from WHO gave the speech and the motive and topic were “lets spread the green”. That motivated the students for spreading green and saving the environment.

Then everyone took the pledge to keep the environment safe and not to cut the trees and stop others from destroying the environment. Then the chief guest proceeded to plant the saplings and seeds, in the ground and motivated the students to love the environment.

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