Write a Newspaper Report on a Train Accident [2023]


In this article, I am going to show you exactly how you can write a newspaper report on a Train Accident. So with much delay let’s get started.

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Example 1:

Write a newspaper report on a train accident on the basis of the following points:

Date: 21st April 2020, Train Name: Howrah-New Delhi Poorva Express, Cause: Derailment, Casualties: 13 people got injured, Place: Rooma in Maharajpur, 12km from Kanpur, Deflected Coaches: 8, S9, B1-B5, A1, A2, HA1, pantry car, and an SLR (luggage bogie)

Another Railway Negligence, Derailment of Howrah-New Delhi Poorva Express Kanpur

Reported by: Suprity Acharyya, Staff Reporter, TOI

April 21, 2022; Kanpur: It was 20 April 2022, Saturday at Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh the massive rail accident occurred as the Howrah-New Delhi Poorva Express derailed, and 13 people got injured.


It was at 12:30 pm when the train was boarded by 900 passengers and it was in Rooma in the Maharajpur area, which is 12 km from Kanpur where the accident took place. There were no casualties found later in the incident.

The train has 12 coaches which include 10 passenger coaches, 1 pantry car, and the later the power coach. The train was at the speed of 100km/hour when the incident took place and major coaches deflected which include S8, S9, B1-B5, A1, A2, HA1, a pantry car, and an SLR (luggage bogie) among them few were AC coaches, sated by the railway authority.

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It was noted that the train was 1 hour 12 minutes late from its original time. Further, no cases of serious injuries and no death were reported. The loose coupling of the train was stated to be the reason for the accident.

The police officials including the district magistrate, senior superintendent of police, and other officials reported the site of the accident. National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) team having 45 persons were also seen rescuing the stuck passengers.

Accident Relief Train (ART) and Accident Relief Medical Equipment (ARME) were arranged for the injured passenger and a special train was arranged to shift the passengers from Poorva Express and at 5:45 the assigned train left for New Delhi.

Immediately the restoration work was taken off by the CPRO North Central Railways which said, it will take a few hours for the completion of the work.

Example: 2

Write a newspaper report on a train accident on the basis of the following points:

Date: 21st April 2020, Train Name: Hyderabad-New Delhi Telangana Express, Cause: Fumes were released from the wheels, Casualties: passengers are safe, Place: Asaoti station in Faridabad.

Sudden Fire Outbreak in Telangana Express, No Causalities Found

Reported by: Suman Nath, Staff Reporter, H.T.

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August 30, 2019; Faridabad: It was the fine morning of 29 August 2019, Thursday at 7:43 am in Asaoti station in Faridabad, Haryana where a tremendous fire break out was seen in two of the coaches of the Hyderabad-New Delhi Telangana Express.

The train was running at that time with the flames on it, further, the situation was taken under control. All the passengers are safe, reported the railway authority.

It was Hyderabad-New Delhi Telangana Express with train number 12723 was seen to emit flames and smoke of fire in between Asaoti and Ballabgarh so was stopped there immediately, and it was later seen that the fumes were released from the wheels of the ninth bogie from its rear end.

The gateman was the one to notice this first and inform the rail driver and the authorities. Immediately the fire team, fire engines were called at the site to extinguish the fire, lately, the two coaches were separated from the train and the passengers of the burnt coaches were shifted to the remaining coaches and the train left for its destination to New Delhi railway station safely.

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No cases of serious injuries and deaths were seen, said the Chief PRO of the Northern Railway. The reason for the fire is yet undiscovered.

After the incident, the upward and the downward trains were stopped and the way was found busy for three hours, Nizamuddin-Mathura route. The Northern railway authority deviated some trains from their scheduled route and some trains passing the same route reached their destination after the scheduled time.

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