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Example 1: Independence Day Celebrated in Bal Mandir Senior Secondary School, Ankit Sharma, a correspondent from Stateman, was asked to submit a report on Independence Day within 200 words.

Independence Day Celebrations

Reported by: Ankit Sharma, Special Correspondent, Statesman

August 15, 2019; Kishanganj, Bihar: This year on 15th August 2019 the celebration of Independence Day was held in a mesmerizing way on the campus of Bal Mandir Senior Secondary School, Kishanganj, Bihar.

All the students were wearing a neat and clean school uniforms with a few wearing colourful costumes for the programs of the day. The school was decorated with a bridal look.


The morning of Independence Day in the school started with a grand morning assembly at exactly 10:00 am with numerous students of the school in the school field. The flag hoisting was done by the chief guest Mr Uttam Sinha with the National Anthem followed by the national song.

The BSF Camp Chief was regarded as the chief guest of the program and was given a floral welcome. There was also an event of the March-past organized by different houses of the school, as each house with their battalion took a circle of the field representing their colour flag on the hand of the house captain leading the troop.

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The second part of the celebration was the colourful programs in the school field which were inaugurated by blowing a bunch of colourful balloons in the air followed by an inaugural speech by the BSF Chief and then the principal of the school.

The programs included dance, singing, drama, and even speeches by the school students. The program has a special act of Marshal Art by the boys and girls of the school which includes tiles breaking, jumping off the fire, and many more.

There was also a fancy dress competition and the one winning the show is given certificates and prizes.  Each student was given biscuits and chocolates from the school authority. The performing students were given a lunch packet. The event took place till 2:30 noon.

Example 2: Independence Day is Celebrated in your school, you as the cultural secretary of your school, write a report within 200 words.

Independence Day Celebrations

Reported by: Ankita Acharyya, Cultural Secretary

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DAV International SR. SEC. School, 16th August 2019: It was a pleasant morning on the campus of DAV International Sr. Sec. School, New Subhash Nagar which was fully decorated with saffron, white and green colours.

The morning assembly was held in the school field exactly at 10:30 am which was followed by the hosting of the tricolour flag accompanied by the National anthem and the National song and everyone saluting the National flag created a different ambience on the premises.

Later, the students of different classes marched passed according to the rolling of the drum, which was enough to give goosebumps. The campus was filled with the aura of patriotism all around as patriotic songs were played in the background.

The colourful programs started with an opening dance followed by an inspiring speech by the principal of the school. The school had created different sitting arrangements for the parents, students, and the school authority members to seat under the colourful tents.

The participants were wearing different colourful dresses which were looking like flowers in the garden. The programs had varying events including dancing, singing, poetry recitation, and the declamation contest which were themed on patriotism. The play-act showing the hanging of Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, and Sukhdev bought tears to the eyes of the audience.

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The Chairman of the school also gave a speech followed by the teachers which reminded us of the struggle, blood and scarify that our freedom fighters did to give us this Independence of life.

The Chairman thanked the school authority and the student members for making such wonderful arrangements possible every year. The program was held till 2:30 pm noon. All the students were given sweets and chocolates after the program.

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