Report Writing on Annual Day Celebration [4 Examples with PDF]


Today in this article I will show you examples of a report writing on the annual day celebration in your college or school.

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Example 1

Question: Recently your college celebrated its annual day with great grandeur. Write a report on this event for your college magazine. Make use of the following hints to structure your report. 

Hints: Annual day ceremony- Time & venue- Programs- Yearly prize distribution- Principal’s speech- Special guests- Cultural functions- Alumni gathering- Feelings


By Santanu Maitra


April 3rd, 2022: On March 22nd, our college celebrated its annual day with great grandeur. It is the 50th annual day that our college celebrated in the Madhusudan Auditorium Hall. All the students along with their guardians were invited to this ceremony. The celebration started at around 11 am. with a beautiful cake. Then the principal of our college delivered her mesmerizing speech.

In her speech, she pointed out, the significance of the college in the field of education in Bengal. She mentioned the history of the college and how this annual day celebration started. After her speech, the annual prize distribution ceremony took place. Prizes were distributed in various fields like academics, sports, national achievements, cultural achievements, best leadership skills, etc.

After the prize distribution ceremony got over, cultural programs started. Various singing and dancing performance was staged by both the students and faculties. The prime attraction was a drama that was staged by 15 alumni of the college. Many other alumni took part in the program as well. After the drama, the annual day celebration came to an end. Overall it was such a fulfilling program that moved the heart of everyone present at the venue. 

Example 2

Question: Recently, a massive fire broke out during the Annual Day Celebration at Rahara Bhabanath Girls’ High School. Draft a newspaper report on this horrendous event. Use the following hints for further help.

Hints: Annual day in Rahara Bhabanath Girls’ High School- Programs scheduled in the school auditorium- Prize distribution ceremony- Fire broke out – Water sprinklers didn’t work- Firefighters came into action- Police investigation going on- Short circuit- Management authority’s perspective


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By Ronita Sengupta

Rahara; July 12th, 2022: A disastrous incident has taken place during the annual day celebration of Rahara Bhabanath Girls’ High School. The annual day celebration was scheduled for July 12th, in the school auditorium like all other years. The program started around 10 in the morning, as per the schedule. Various kinds of programs were supposed to be taken place after the initial prize distribution ceremony. But during the initial ceremony, a massive fire broke out in the auditorium.

The installed water sprinklers didn’t start working automatically. But with the help of an emergency fire alarm system, the fire brigade was immediately informed and 3 engines of fire brigades came into immediate action. After 2-3 hours of continuous effort, the fire came under control. Fortunately, nobody was killed in this massive accident. Around 21 students along with teachers were injured.

They were admitted to the nearby district hospital. The local police station is investigating the matter very closely. From the primary investigation, a short circuit is suspected responsible for this accident. As per the management authority, for more than the last 25 years, the annual day has been organised in the same hall, and everything was properly checked before the program. They had no clue that such a devastating incident could occur. This incident will affect the overall reputation of the school, the teacher-in-charge said.

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Example 3

Question: Recently, your college celebrated its foundation day. Write a report for your college magazine on this event. Use the hints given below to frame your report. 

Hints: Foundation day ceremony- History of the institutions- Notable alumni- Special guests for the day- New building unveiled- Speeches- Cultural programs


By Tiyasha Bhaduri

January 10th, 2022: Recently, on January 2nd, our Seth Jagatlal College celebrated its 150th foundation day. It was a massive ceremony organized on the college premises. All the students along with many notable alumni were invited to take part in the program. The celebration started at around 11:30 in the morning with a fascinating speech by the head of the management committee.

In that speech, the glorious history of the institution was mentioned multiple times. He described how the college has a severe contribution to the country’s freedom movement. Also mentioned the time when he was a student of the college and shared a story of the Prime Minister’s visit during their time. The head of the committee also introduced the students to some very notable alumni of the college who are currently doing great in various fields worldwide.

The special guest for the day was the governor of the State of Maharastra who was a student of the college itself. She also delivered a beautiful speech. After her speech, she unveiled a new building for the college. The celebration came to an end with various kinds of cultural programs performed by both the students and faculties.

Example 4

Question: Adamas Collegiate School has recently celebrated its annual day through social welfare initiatives. Draft a newspaper report on this event. Take the help of the following hints.

Hints: Annual day in Adamas school- Socal Welfare initiatives taken- Clothes distribution among the needy- Literacy campaign- Ethics class- Tree plantation program- Clean the premises campaign- Prize distribution


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By Rakesh Routh

By Tamal BanerjeeKamarhati; August 15th, 2022: A beautiful initiative of social welfare was taken by the Adamas Collegiate School on their annual day. We decided to deviate this day to serve the needy and help the poor, the principal said to us. The day was full of different initiatives and that’s why several teams of students were created and assigned particular projects.

A group of students along with teachers were assigned the task to distribute clothes among the needy people from the nearby slum. Along with it, a literacy campaign was also launched to literate the street children. As per the team leader, this campaign will be continued throughout the month. After all this, the students came back to the school premises and attended an ethics class.

Around 11:30 am. after the class, all the students took part in a tree plantation program. As per the report, around 1000 trees were planted around the school area and each student had to take responsibility for looking after at least two trees. After the tree plantation program was over, the student cleaned the school premises under the banner of Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan. The day ended with a beautiful prize distribution ceremony as per the achievements of students in various fields.

Report Writing on Annual Day Celebration example

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