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Report Writing on Annual Day Celebration in College or School [With PDF]

Today in this article I will show you the examples of a report writing on the annual day celebration in your college or school.


Example 1


By Suprity Acharyya

2nd of December at St. Gabriel’s Sen. Sec. School the annual day program has been held. It was Christmas time and the end of the year too. Students were going to get their winter break, and like every year this time also annual day has been held just before the winter breaks.

Students were very happy and excited to attend and perform in the annual day program. All the students from class nursery to 12th have to be included in this annual day celebration from one month before the celebration teachers have started selecting the students who are talented and have the capability to perform some activities.

Small kids, those who were in kindergarten, all have to perform group dance and other kids who haven’t participated in the dance had to sing the song or recite the poem in the chorus. Then starting from classes one to twelve, students have been selected for different activities as per their talents and interests. 

There were so many events such as dance, singing, drama, skit, mime, poem recitation, comedy acts and cracking jokes, and many more. When the auditions were started so many students came up but the skilled ones got the chance to perform and show their talent.

After selecting the potential students, a practice started whenever students used to get free classes. They had to report to their respective in-charge teacher, one month before the program's daily last two classes were announced for the annual day of practice.

So that students do not miss their classes. They practised hard the whole month, they were suggested attractive costumes, props for dance and drama were made. Two days before the program they showed their practice to the principal sir for approval.

Then it was the day of the program, in the evening at 4:30 pm parents started to come, students were getting ready in the green rooms every preparation was done and it was the time for the final performance everyone was excited.

Then the program got started one by one all the programs were held and students gave their best, they were happy to see their parents as an audience. At last principal, sir delivered the vote of thanks and the program was successfully got over.

Example 2


By Suprity Acharyya

Kalinga University last week held the Annual fest of the college. The preparations got started and different committees were set up for different performances.

The college campus was full of posters and pamphlets informing about the upcoming annual fest, and contact of the different club heads and faculty in charge were written interested students can contact on the same number.

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After that one by one gossip and discussions started in the college different WhatsApp groups were made and the selection process started. After the selection process was completed students were assigned the tasks and were asked to prepare the performances accordingly.

All the students were very much excited. Those who were residing in the hostel started practising as they had time, place and support. The teachers also selected most of the hostel students because the hostel was inside the campus only. 

In assigning the anchoring task it became a little difficult because good speakers were not available. But anyhow it was managed. All the dancers started choreographing their performances and all the students were busy in their practice.

Days before the program the basic preparation got started like stage décor, props making, and many more things. In my college, there was a special show from the department of fashion design.

The fashion designers have made certain dresses and they were to present them on the day of the fest. They selected the models from the students and made them walk ready. Professionals were there to train the models.

Then on the day of the fest, there was a dinner organized for the students of the college. One side from the early morning preparation for the food was going on, on the other side, the stage was ready to rock with DJs. The program started when the chief guest entered the premises, he was the health minister of Chhattisgarh and some of the subordinates.

They inaugurated the program and then the program went on with utmost success at last prize distribution, the vote of thanks and DJ night was started and it ended up in the morning at 2 am.

Example 3

Report Writing on Annual Day Celebration example


By Suprity Acharyya

Like all other years, the annual day has been joyfully celebrated in Sodepur High School yesterday. This particular day of each year is designated for various kinds of activities altogether.

Basically, the 4th of January is the foundation day of Sodepur High School. That’s why this day is chosen for the annual day ceremony of the school. Everything was organized by the teachers as well as the students jointly in the school auditorium.

All students were instructed to be present in the auditorium within 11 in the morning. In the beginning, the ceremony was opened by a cultural program performed mostly by the students of various grades. The stage was beautifully decorated with flowers and colourful lights.

After the cultural function, the headmaster went on the stage and delivered a short speech about the history and heritage of the school. Thereafter he invited the most senior teachers on the stage who are about to retire this year. Dr Debasish Pahari and Mr. Golak Chandra Biswas came on the stage and shared their long experience in the school respectively.

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After their speech, the names of the most successful students of the school who secured good ranks on various platforms were announced for the award distribution ceremony. Then after all these, the annual day ceremony of this year came to an end with the national anthem.

Example 4


By Suprity Acharyya

Maulana Azad College celebrated its 94th birth anniversary as the annual day of the college. It was the day when the college came into its existence in 1926.

That's why each year this particular day is celebrated as the annual day ceremony in the college. Many different activities like a farewell to the retiring professors, award distribution to the most successful students on various platforms are performed by the college authority as well as the student union on this day.

According to the principal of the college, the celebration of this annual day strengthens the bond between the college authority and the students. The large college auditorium was selected as the venue for this year's annual day celebration.

All students gathered at around 11 in the morning at the selected venue. At around 11:30 the principal went on the stage for the opening speech and thereafter the most senior professors were invited for their farewell. After the farewell ceremony, some students staged a short drama.

Then the students who got successful in various platforms like academics, sports, research etc. were invited to come on the stage and the award distribution ceremony started with this.

The principal as well as the senior professor handed over all the awards to the successful students. Vocal artist Bratati Bandopadhyay was present as a special guest for this year's annual day. 

Example 5 [Newspaper Report]


By Suprity Acharyya

January 17th, Bhawanipur: A horrifying incident occurred yesterday during the annual day ceremony of Kavi Kalidas boys' High school. Like every other year, this year also the annual day ceremony was organised by the school authority in the adjacent field.

Everything like building the stage and constructing the Pendle was done by professionals. All the students of the school were instructed to be present in the field within 11:30 am as the program was to be started by 12. But as soon as the headmaster finished his opening speech and invited the successful students for an award distribution ceremony, the stage suddenly collapsed. Initially, the fire brigade and police were informed and local people tried to rescue the injured fellows.

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Within some time the fire brigade team appeared and started their rescue operation. The headmaster as well as 11 students were rescued from the collapsed stage area. Some of them are heavily injured and immediately sent to the nearby hospital through ambulance. The school authority has launched an FIR against the organising company.

Two individuals have been arrested on the basis of this FIR to be interrogated. The local police station is assuming that there were some major flaws in the construction that led to this horrific accident.

Example 6 [Newspaper Report]


By Suprity Acharyya

April 3rd; Kolkata: this year the renowned girls' institute Holy Child celebrated its annual day in a very different manner compared to the other years.

This particular day is basically designated for the farewell to the senior teachers and award distribution ceremony to the successful students and alumni of the school.

Like all other years this year also students and teachers, as well as alumni, were invited to the school. Then at the school auditorium, the headmistress and the nuns revealed the special agenda for this year's annual day.

Thereafter from the school premises first they all went to the Nirmal Hridoy founded by Mother Teresa to spend some time and distribute some essential items like books and clothing to the orphan children.

After spending some time there, all of the students and teachers went to the missionaries of charity to spend the rest of the day with the distressed people and learn about them. Food and clothing were distributed among them as well.

After spending the whole annual day like this all of them went back to school and ended the day with a prayer for all the distressed people around the world. Thus with no award distribution or cultural ceremony, this year's annual day ended with a different mood and completeness.

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