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Hello reader, today we came with an essay on one of the most popular globally recognized author Sir William Shakespeare. So let’s dive into the essay!

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Not all good authors are found in the late 20th or early 21st centuries. There are a lot of top authors who set the standard for the newer ones to follow. One such man was William Shakespeare.

His overall work has set the standard with its timeless content that could apply to just about any generation. That is if you can get past the olde English Mr. Shakespeare wrote in and used it as his native tongue.

Olde English is not always easy to understand as some of the words do not have the same meaning as similar terms do today. But ignoring Shakespeare’s content because one is too lazy to learn those words and their proper application means one is missing out on valuable information and modern-day use.


Once you get past the terminology Mr. Shakespeare used, you will see a wealth of information that helps us understand ourselves and the difficulties other people face. For example, Hamlet’s struggles are a very good lesson in seeing how depressed people think.

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The insights Mr. Shakespeare provides can be very valuable to us if we want to help struggling people get better and a better grip on reality. King Lear is another helpful story that shows that flattery is often disguising deceit and ulterior motives.

The unfolding plot of King Lear shows how loyalty can make a difference even when the person holding that loyalty has struggles and troubles of their own. Finally, the account shows how true love may not always win the day. That is the reality of life.

King Lear’s youngest daughter brings an invading force from France to help her father and rescue him from her two older deceitful sisters. But she is defeated due to trickery and more deceit. The lust for power is too powerful for the honest and loving to overcome.

King Richard II is another play written by William Shakespeare and inside its plot are many lessons that people who aspire to power need to learn. One such lesson is that for every person wanting to be king or president, there are always competitors willing to stop at nothing to achieve that powerful position.

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The play also shows what happens when people do not rule wisely or continues to make poor choices without learning from their mistakes. Those decisions and actions are underscored by Richard II’s greed as he steals land and money from a deceased uncle

When that takes place, we see that there are many lesser positioned people ready to take action to get the unworthy leader off their throne of power. Especially when that greed has stolen someone’s rightful inheritance.

In this play, we see that power must be handled correctly if one stands a chance of remaining a position of leadership for along time. This statement is supported by the many dictators who have grabbed power and ruled badly only to be removed by the same means he took over a country.

William Shakespeare seemed to have his fingers on the pulse of what made men and women tick. He wrote about these different situations with power, clarity, and openness for all to see.

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In his books, plays and other writings, he seems to be able to capture the main essence and retell the stories in a compelling manner. The many lessons included in his works are there for anyone to peruse and study them. They still apply approx., 400 years after Shakespeare’s death.

William Shakespeare did not write with a personal bias nor to unduly influence people’s thinking. His works allow his readers and actors to make up their own minds about the different events, attitudes, and behavior he recorded in those pages.

He is a timeless writer who should be a good influence on all modern writers who wish to write quality material that has some impact on future generations.

So how was this essay? And don’t forget to share your thoughts regarding this essay in the comment section, it will encourage us to bring more essays like this.

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