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By | April 18, 2020

Pets are not only just home animals but pets are also our companion throughout the day, they provide us both emotional and physical benefits, today in this essay presentation we are discussing why we called Pets are Our Best Friends. So let’s dive into the essay.

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Don’t we just love to entertain the idea of having a dog or cat- or any other pet at our home to play with? After returning home from school, won’t we all just love to play with our friends?

That’s true for most of the people as pets are the best friends. We don’t have to worry about what they will think about us when discussing our deepest worry or the momentary sadness or not feeling embarrassed about even sharing the story of how the teacher praised us and or that we well fell while running in school.


History is proof that pets are probably the best companion of humans. From the Indus Valley civilization domestication of animals such as cats started. They even had goddesses like Bast in Egyptian mythology to show the importance of pets in the lives of humans.

Pets can be our canine friends – dogs or feline cats to birds, reptiles, fishes to frogs. There are many types of animals one can take as pets and taking care of them is very important. Developing a good relationship with them makes the pet our best friends.

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The best part of having a pet is having someone to rely on and play with whatever the situation or take care of when nobody is beside you. One can play constantly, sit and study besides their pets with the additional joy of having someone with you. When you are sad and miserable or when you feel so very happy you can always enjoy your pet.

They never resent us but for that having a good friendship and connection with them is necessary. Having a pet comes with the responsibility of taking care of them by giving food, water, medicines and grooming them according to their needs.

Going for a walk or playing with this or just plain stimulating and sitting beside them gives a tranquil heart and mind. We never realize when the time passes by when we play with our pets.

Treating a pet as an equal and understanding their needs and desires is really important. We should never let our pets feel sad or lonely. They always love to have us beside them. Some pets like dogs and mice or squirrels love to play and exercise while others like cats and replies or tortoises prefer lazing around.

Fishes in an aquarium or a single bowl also are among choice pets of people. Though animals can’t talk in a language they are very expressive and try their best to understand what we are saying and our hidden emotions. They excel at guessing their master’s temperament and mood. They act accordingly to appease and satisfy their loved humans.

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Whenever one is sad they can turn up to their pet for solace and surely they will forget their sorrow gaining a great mental place. Pets enjoy our companionship as we do theirs and they trust us with their everything. Humans are a social creature and our curiosity urges us to communicate with these simple-minded creations of Nature and God – animals and live in harmony with happiness.

Pets play with us, eat with us and trust us. There are many instances where a pet takes extreme steps to save their masters exhibiting their loyalty. And many times some pets are so devoted to their human companions that they get seriously ill or even die after their master’s death.

These incidents, again and again, solidify the notion that pets are the best friends a human can have in their entire lifetime. Though they have short lifespans when compared to humans, time spent is something to cherish and remember forever and ever.

Adopting or taking a pet requires a lot of patience and love. Equally love is returned by them, if not more. It takes significant time to build a trusting relationship but once the bond is formed, nothing can stop or change this friendship which only deepens with time.

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If you have a pet you’ll know the happiness and importance they have in your life. They never judge you and always try to do and make things better for you, even when scolding. And what else is to be considered, just fall in the charm of their cuteness.

So how was this essay on pets are my best friend? I hope you liked it, please do comment and share your thoughts regarding this essay, also do not forget to share this paper on your favorite social media platform and help us to grow!

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