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Trees are a very necessary and essential thing for the existence of not only human beings but also for other living creatures. Trees are a precious gift of nature. Nature is called as the mother of the whole world by the people. We cannot think about nature without trees.


Trees give us many essential things like food, shade, and oxygen, which are very essential things to live in this world. Among them, oxygen is a very crucial thing and we cannot live without it. So we can say that trees play a crucial role in all living beings so that they can survive in this world.

Our government and many organizations like WHO (World Health Organization) continuously try their level best to protect our nature by preventing deforestation and also to develop our nature by telling the importance of trees to the people. Let us discuss some vital points that make trees so essential for living beings.

Trees help us by creating a significant and healthy ecosystem.  All the living creatures like birds, animals, insects, and others use these trees as their home and thus a great ecosystem can be created by them. One of the best qualities of trees is that they make their food by a process, termed as photosynthesis.

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This is a very easy process by which these trees make their food and contribute continuously to this entire ecosystem. Not only that, but trees also help us by giving ayurvedic medicines to protect us from harmful diseases.

Trees give us ayurvedic medicines and healthy foods. These medicines and foods are exported to so many countries over the world. Thus trees help to increase the economical growth. Trees are also cultivated by the people.

People can also earn their living by selling some products like woods, fruits, waxes, flowers and many more and all of these products can be obtained from trees. Trees provide shades to the people in summer days.

So, we can say that trees act like a natural cooler that not only gives you protection from the scorching heat of the sun but also reduce your electricity bills in summer days. Thus these trees help to maintain the environment naturally.

Living creatures cannot live without oxygen. Trees are the most essential thing that provides us oxygen in natural ways and helps the living creatures to be survived in this world. Trees intake the Carbon dioxide gas that we release and release the oxygen gas in exchange for that carbon dioxide gas, that we intake.

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Thus the balance of these two gases can be maintained by trees in the environment. Carbon dioxide is also known as a popular greenhouse gas. When some greenhouse gases like Carbon dioxide, Methane and many more are present in the environment, these harmful gases form a layer into the atmosphere.

The main disadvantage of this layer is that the scorching heat of the sun can be trapped by this layer. As a result, the temperature of the surface of the earth becomes warmer day by day and this is the main cause behind Global Warming.

As trees help us to reduce the harmful effects of Global Warming by taking the main greenhouse gas Carbon dioxide, so according to WHO (World Health Organisation), it is recommended to plant more trees that can help to clean the air.

Trees play a crucial role to maintain the balance of water in the earth. The rainwater comes down to the earth and then it is received by trees. After that, trees hold the rainwater in the soil or land. By this method, trees can prevent this rainwater from being wasted.

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They also help to hold the floodwater by acting as watersheds before releasing the floodwater into the atmosphere of the earth. Thus they maintain the base of water of an area. Along with that, they also help to prevent soil erosion and landslides as their roots are so deep into the ground that they can easily hold the soil.

As trees provide us the benefits of water storage, fresh air, and food, so it is our foremost duty to protect them from all the disasters, so that they maintain their existence in nature. Along with that, trees provide a positive vibration into the atmosphere of the world. Their freshness and greenery provide a soothing experience and can help to recover the patients. So trees act as a part of our life and it is our duty to protect them.    

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