Trees Are Our Best Friend Essay in English [PDF]


Do you know why trees are our best friends? They give us everything they can be, like a best friend they take care of us from natural diester, and more, today in this essay paper, we are gonna see an essay on trees are our best friend, so let’s jump into the essay!

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Beyond the superficial, many people do not notice trees. They love how the tree provides shade on a hot sunny day. As well as they cover us with the help of their broad branches when the rain begins.

Then when summer is over, these same people marvel at the beauty of the leaves as they change color. These changing colors signal that colder weather is on its way and we need to start preparing for it.

Beyond this, most people do not know what good friends, trees can be. A tree shares every possible thing for us, that can be wood, fruits, Oxygen and much more.

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Some couples know that the trees provide them with a little romantic security as their broad trunks shelter the couple from the glaring and intrusive looks.

Then when it is time to go, the tree stands quietly when the couple carves their initials into its tough bark to mark their important rendezvous with each other. The tree bears the pain the sharp knife brings in order to make sure the couple has their special moment.

Once that is done, the tree preserves that heart and arrow so when the couple comes back they can remember the special time the tree helped bring about. After the remembering is done, the tree looks at the happy couple walk away, still preserving their special moment hoping the couple will return again one day.

But that is not all that a tree does to show how good a friend it is. The tree lends its branches to hold the wood for that young child’s treehouse. Helping him to have hours of joy and fun high above the ground.

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It also sacrifices its wood, so that people can have homes, fences, furniture and more. The tree is always giving us a little to big things, so you can have an enjoyable time in your life. That is not all, as many trees grow fruit to help you grow strong and healthy.

There are a wide variety of trees more than willing to let its fruit be taken just so you can benefit from all the minerals and vitamins the tree has provided. On top of that, it allows different animals to make their home in its branches or trunk.

Cats find refuge in the tree’s grasp when it feels it is in danger. A tree lets itself be used as a recreational toy. Boys can become strong, agile and develop motor skills as they climb the different branches just to get to the top.

A little swing tied to a branch lets little girls relax on hot summer days while letting men nap when they tie their hammocks to different trees. Then when one has gone away for a little while, the tree stands there waiting for the owner to return. Spreading its branches upon their arrival the tree seems to say welcome home.

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The best sign that the tree is our best friend, is that it does all of this without complaining, demanding payment or some other selfish act. The tree is very selfless and asks for nothing in return.

That character trait we all can learn from. The tree sets the example for all to follow. That is why trees are our best friends.

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