Short Essay on Morning Walk [200, 500 Words] With PDF

By | June 30, 2022

In this lesson, you will learn how to write short essays on Morning Walk. Here, I will write two sets of essays on the same topic, covering different word limits relevant to the exam perspective. 

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Short Essay on Morning Walk in 200 Words

Human beings have been given all facilities to maintain a healthy and organized lifestyle. Good health can be maintained by a proper diet and regular exercise. A morning walk is one of the major components that are necessary for one to keep their body healthy.

In fact, any walk for some distance can reduce successfully the bad elements in our body and can cure us of many diseases. We often feel lazy and disoriented, demotivated to work and continue our daily lives. A morning walk or any walk can be an instant stress buster and can give us much relief from mental and physical disorientation.


Waking up in the morning and taking a walk down the empty streets is proven to be the greatest pacifier. A morning walk is required now by all of us. Earlier when our parents and grandparents were young, they got ample time to take long walks down the clean roads. But today the new generation is facing pollution, deforestation, masonry buildings, and excessive urbanization, all of which are leading to a lack of clean air and spaces for walks.

Also, the suffocating lifestyle that we regularly face leads us to the irregularity of foods and habits. We quickly develop dangerous diseases. But all can be cured if we pledge to take a small walk every morning and try to make ourselves healthy.

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Short Essay on Morning Walk in 500 Words

Health is wealth. This is the most beautiful line we have heard in our childhood. It is true when we come to realize our modern lifestyle. It has given us several gadgets for our chores. However, all these machines have turned us into human robots. We hardly do any tasks manually. Life has become lazier than our predecessors. So gradually we are getting several physical and mental disorders. But if we try to make a routine of our life, then we can achieve a far better result. 

Taking a morning walk every day can reduce these health issues and keep us happy and healthy. Every morning if we take some strolls in a nearby park or on the streets, then we can maintain good health. A morning walk is a significant form of exercise that helps us to maintain our health without any cost. All we need is a quiet and clean place, clean air to breathe, and a small watch to keep track of how much we are walking or often jogging. 

Earlier when our parents and grandparents used to take a morning walk, then the environment was so pure and pollution-free. However, excess urbanization, deforestation, global warming, and the building of several tall buildings, all of these have led to pollution. Hence lack of pure air to breathe and a little bit of clean space is unavailable now. Still within that if as a society we can manage a little space for children to play and other people to have a morning walk, then it will be of immense importance. 

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There is no denying how a morning walk can help people get rid of their ailments. Nowadays due to pollution and a stressed lifestyle, people hardly get enough time to exercise. Nor can they maintain a healthy diet and often get inclined towards junk foods.

These lead to obesity, gastrointestinal problems, cardiac, muscular, and nervous diseases, and psychological impairments. If a person makes a routine to have a walk every morning for even 10 minutes, then it can easily keep him happy for the rest of the day. Taking walks is highly prescribed by doctors where a larger population of the country engages in office work and that creates lethargy. Hence a daily dose of a morning walk can cure anyone of the earlier symptoms of any fatal disease.

Creating a good habit is the best decision in life. Anything done for the well-being of the personal lifestyle and health is important for mankind. A morning walk is one of those essential habits that enable people to maintain a strict body, a healthy lifestyle, and also a good approach towards others. If one’s own body is well built and managed through regular walks, then he can achieve anything in life.

It reduces tension, stress, and harmful elements in the body. Doctors nowadays prescribe morning walk for all because of the stressed lifestyle, where all of us have huge intakes of junk foods. So a daily walk of 10 minutes can reduce many critical health issues.

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I have tried to write these essays in very simple language so that all kinds of students can easily understand the topic. Hopefully, all your doubts regarding this topic have been resolved after going through this lesson holistically. If you still have any doubts regarding the context, kindly let me know through the comment section below. Keep browsing our website for more important content. 

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