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Sports are an essential part of our lives. For the all-round development of our personality, we must take up a sport and follow it, without a break. To make students aware of the need to play various sports, schools and colleges have a compulsory subject on sports and physical education.

It has both theory and practical lessons, in which students learn about the importance of good health, physical strength, and how can sports help them to become healthy. As a part of physical education activities, schools and colleges also organize an annual sports day.

Our college organized this year’s sports day in the first week of January 2020. The responsibility of the sports day was taken by the sports teacher, the cricket and football coach of our college team, and the student’s organization.


The preparations for the sports day began 2 weeks before the actual event. The organizing committee prepared the list sports and games that will be played, the number categories and number of prizes in each category, and took the permission from our Principal for it.

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The publicity was done by the students. They from class to class made announcements and appealed to the students to participate in as many sports as possible.

The sports ground of the college was cleaned and decorated for the sports day. The former students of the college, who are very successful sportspersons now, were invited for the inauguration.

The Principal gave a speech about the importance of sports in our life and gave his best wishes to all the students who were either organizing or participating in the sports day. Thus began one of the most exciting days in our college life.

The sports day celebration in our college included a number of sports – cricket, box cricket tournament, football, volleyball, racing events and several indoor games like chess, carrom, and others. The sports day celebration went on for two days, and on the evening of the second day, a prize distribution ceremony was organized.

Both the days from the sports day celebration were very exciting and memorable. As our college ground lies in an important part of our city, there were many spectators to enjoy the games, apart from our own college students.

The cricket and football matches got the greatest number of audiences, as everyone was aware of the fact that our college cricket team and the football team has participated in the tournaments up to the national level, and has won many championships, thereby making our college and city proud.

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Everyone was eager to see them playing in their city after a long time, so no one missed the chance. The indoor games also got a huge number of audience as well as participants, and the chess tournaments went on for hours and hours – still, no one was bored of it.

Apart from the indoor and outdoor games, our college organized a different event this year – we had set up various stalls of fun games and activities within the boundaries of the ground, and children from various schools across the city were invited to play them. This activity got a huge response, and we have decided that we will organize it in the next year also.

The prize distribution ceremony was also a memorable part of the sports day celebration. Our college had invited the parents of the winning teams and players to be a part of this ceremony, and everyone was very happy.

The chief guests for this program included our Principal, the successful past students of our college, and the chief Police Commissioner of our city. All of these chief guests appreciated the efforts of college and its students, and congratulated them for a successful organization of this 2-day annual sports day.

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The medals, trophies, and certificates were distributed by their hands, and an important decision was taken in the program – all the money collected through the entry fees of various games will be donated to an organization in our city, that works for the poor children to make them excel in their favourite sports by providing them sports kit and good training.

Everyone hugely appreciated the decision by clapping to show their support. Also, a donation box was kept for those who want to contribute some more to the efforts of this organization. Many parents made their donations, and some students took a great decision of donating their cash-prizes for this.

Towards the end of the sports day, the last speech was made by the Police Commissioner, who talked about how we can develop ourselves through sports.

He also appreciated the students for their active participation, and for the decision of making donations. The sports day celebration of our college ended with happy and proud faces of parents and students leaving the sports ground.

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