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We all love to eat banana for various reason, In today’s essay we will discuss why banana is my favorite fruit, and why I like it so much.

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Banana, being an edible fruit it is a type of berry also. Banana comprises of 89 calories and Vitamin B6 with some micronutrients that are necessary for the proper growth of the body.

This is the most interesting part due to which, banana is my favorite fruit. There are some popular beliefs on religion and culture concerning banana fruit.

The leaves of the banana are used at weddings and for use as a plate for serving the food on some kind of occasion. This is the most interesting part due to which, banana is my favourite fruit.


 In a country like India, Banana fruit caters to an essential role in Hindu’s occasions and festivals too. In the weddings of South Indians, to be precise Tamilians use banana trees that are tightly bonded in pairs forming an arch, which is a symbol or symbolizes blessings to the newly wedded couples and continue to be for a long duration.

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In Thailand, the banana tree is inhabited by Nag Tani spirit, a young woman. In this place, people come and tie a colourful satin cloth and lastly in Malay folklore Pontianak ghost is related to banana plants and believed to be there during day time.

As well, there is a various range of benefits from banana fruit related to health as it is connected to being the yellowish fruit in a curved shape and tall size. It has a high amount of potassium present with pectin ingredient fibre serving a proper manner for getting the vitamins and magnesium.

This fruit is famous in the reduction of swelling of body parts. Banana fruits are rich in antioxidants to protect from bacterias. It is fruit healthy for kids and women to eat. Some children are not able to gain weight so banana shake helps in gaining weight with the perfect amount to avoid extra fat.

The banana fruit has many benefits to keep our body fit and fine. It is the best fruit that deals with our mood and behaviour as it helps us in keeping control of our depression and stress too. It contains tryptophan in a high amount that transforms into serotonin that acts as a mood-changing transmitter.

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In addition to this, it has Vitamin B6 that helps in providing quality sleep and relaxation to the body muscles. It maintains the digestive system in order to get the food digested properly and assist to guard against diabetes disease.

It has a high quantity of energy starch that provides help to my inner health and keeps in control of my blood circulation. It is good for enhancing my vision as I have weak eyesight and weak bones that need the development of bones.

It is good for everyone to consume. My mother serves me two bananas daily. She adds some salt to add taste to it because of having already a sweet taste. I enjoy eating it and finish my plate filled with bananas in a minute only.

Banana fruit contains a high amount of sugar and eating in excess amount can lead create tooth problems. It would also lead to the decaying of my tooth. It has less fat per cent or quantity.

Eating more than two bananas a day could lead to a high amount of high vitamins and minerals in your body, which can create risky and damage to your body.

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It is harmful to eat bananas during night time and so I do not have it in the night time. Many times I start coughing and suffer a lot especially during summers. So, what my does, is she changes my diet and gives me bananas on every Sunday so it does not affect my health

It is good for enhancing your vision and development of bones. Having less fat quantity it could act as a healthy and post-workout snack after heavy exercise. The banana can play the role of healthy fruit. It also helps my parents as they want it after they do exercises or yoga.

So, it is my favorite fruit as it keeps me healthy and enriches my body organs. It provides nourishment to my body and it is a portion of light food.

I hope you like this Essay on My Favorite Fruit Banana, stay with us, our essay dictionary is welcome you to surf more.

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