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Traveling by train is the most fun and enjoyable experience to have. On the way, there are many sceneries, beautiful fields, small towns that train passes by.

Many food snacks and drinking beverages are available on the stations to buy. Stations have a good sanitation system with separate sections for men and women. Every station has a ticket counter for the passengers to buy their tickets.

In summers during my vacations, my family planned to go to my Nani’s house who lives in Mumbai. She lives alone there. I reached to Lucknow Junction with my family. My father went to the ticket counter for buying the tickets.


After he bought the ticket, the train came within 15 minutes. The station was well cleaned and a sweeper working there. I saw many stalls line by line selling different snacks. There was a hand pump for drinking water and I saw a line of people waiting to arrive at their chance of having water. A person was standing who was pulling the handle of the hand pump up and down slowly in continuous motion.

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The train waited on the station for half an hour for the passengers to come and settle down. Outside the train seem so big, colored with a blue and black color combination.

The train was having many births for sleepers and the remaining ten births were for AC booked passengers. There were three stairs to climb the train. My birth was booked in AC. A coolie came for handling our luggage and took it to our seats. I, with my father and mother, went inside the train to take our seats.

Inside the train, the passenger seats were proper and the floor was cleaned and was filled with aroma. Inside the cabin, there were three seats with upper, middle and lower on both left and right sides from the front.

Near the window I saw, a charger point and slab fixed in between the seats. There was a hook to hang any cloth from it. On the side, there were two seats upper and lower with curtains fixed. The seats were having white bedsheets and a quilt to wear.

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In the meantime, the train was getting filled and after a loud whistle coming from the engine of the train, it started to move. I looked outside the window many people were running behind the train. Some men had tokens in their hand filled with food.

Some men were running with a big kettle in their hands to serve tea. Far, outside near the sleeper section people were pushing each other to get inside the train. Some people were only standing on the platform and some were shouting. There was too much noise on the platform as the train was moving slowly for some minutes.

It was 6 o’clock in the evening and the sun was slowly setting down. The lights on the platform were bright. After reaching the outer the train started taking its speed and that is how my journey started. There were three passengers in front of me.

On upper birth, a man was talking on the phone, in the middle a woman was with her infant and on the lower was an old woman who was wearing spectacles and trying to read the newspaper. She was speaking the sentences she was reading from the newspaper.

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I was sitting on the lap of my mother. She took out the lunch and served the food to my father. She was serving me food from her hand and I took some bites. I was looking outside and inside too. Inside the train was so cool because our tickets were booked in the AC compartment. Slowly people started coming serving tea and food.

In the night, we had dinner and had sound sleep. In the morning, our train reached Nasik station and I had Vada Pao and dosa in my breakfast. There were five hours more left to reach the station. Then after some time, we reached the destination and the name of the station was Chattrapati Shivaji Station. From there, we took the cab and reached it very safe for my Naani’s house.

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